What is Rock tape Rivals?

Rock tape Rivals is the freshly named growth pack coming to Rock tape 4 later on this year. It’ll be bringing brand new features come the Rock Band franchise, and will administer exclusive accessibility to future content updates, which will proceed into 2017. One of these updates will add synchronous virtual multiplayer to the game, which will come roughly Holiday 2016.

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Is the “major expansion” Rock band VR?

Nope! lock both awesome however they’re certainly different things. Rock band VR is an experience developed from the ground up because that VR, and also will be releasing on the Oculus Rift later this year.

I believed you were announcing details about the growth at E3, what happened?

Rock tape Rivals is walk to present unique, new features come Rock tape that have actually never remained in previous Rock Band titles before. Us would have actually liked to display everyone at E3, but ultimately feeling it was worth acquisition a small extra time to acquire things just right. We’ll have actually some amazing news in the coming weeks.

Can I obtain updates come Rock tape 4 after ~ Rock band Rivals is out?

Everyone will get stability enhancements, however only players who upgrade come Rock tape Rivals will receive future content and also features, which will proceed into 2017. Every purchased DLC, legacy and new, will proceed to it is in re-downloadable and also playable in Rock band 4, with or without the Rock tape Rivals development pack.

Do I need to pay because that synchronous virtual multiplayer?

Synchronous online multiplayer is going come be noted to owner of Rock band Rivals in ~ no added cost.

What space the prices for brand-new hardware manufactured by PDP?

All prices room in USD. International pricing is comes later!

Rock tape Rivals Wireless Jaguar Bundle - $89.99 Rock tape Rivals band Kit - $199.99 Rock Band Rivals Digital growth Pack - $29.99 Rock Band Fender Jaguar etc Controller - $69.99 Rock Band Fender Jaguar etc Controller Charger - $29.99 Rock tape 4 Wired legacy Adapter because that Xbox One - $29.99

Does the new Fender™ Jaguar™ controller have a headphone jack for online play?

No. Us recommend you usage your favorite wireless headset to avoid gaining tangled when you’re rocking out.

How have the right to the Jaguar fold? Does it lock in place?

The Jaguar guitar controller folds earlier using a hinge system. The neck that the controller will lock in place when the is unfolded for gameplay. Inspect out this video clip to see the fold in action!

Is over there a locking mechanism when the guitar controller is folded?

There is no locking mechanism when the Jaguar guitar controller is folded.

Will the brand-new wired adapter because that Xbox One hold multiple peripherals? will it have actually multiple USB slots?

PDP’s Wired legacy Adapter will have one USB port. Fine have an ext information on the wired adapter closer to launch.

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1.What peripherals will certainly be sustained by the brand-new wired adapter for Xbox One?

The Wired legacy Adapter will certainly be specifically compatible v Rock tape 4 and also these certain legacy controllers:

Rock band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter for Xbox 360 ION north Rocker for Xbox 360

Will the new hardware and accessories be accessible worldwide?

We’re still functioning out the circulation specifics with our co-publisher PDP. If you are interested in majority or accessories, feel totally free to asking your neighborhood retailer for much more info.

When will certainly the remainder of exports and entitlements it is in available?



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