RUN AWAY with ME :Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, California

It’s challenging to dive into a track that anyone knows. The“hit”. Will certainly the tune survive explication? will certainly explaining it will certainly make it much less good? ns channel mine inner fangirl, pretend I’m no myself (the human being who ran through all of the various alternatives of just how the lyrics can play out, who knows all the other forks in the road of the lyric), and I establish the answer is “no”. So together the creator, ns take a deep breath and say, ok, mine tumbleweeds, girlfriend asked because that it.

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Literally. I carried out a at sight formal vote this main on Twitter and over 200 world voted and 40% want to know an ext about“Run Away with Me”. Trust me, ns was through the“Last Week’s Alcohol” camp. LWAers, I’m coming because that you.


Above is a small cheat sheet. If you ever before want to song this song and you don’t want to screw increase the words, I indicate you look at it. Musical theatre singers don’t always think around song structure and also that’s a shame. It’s a device in your tool belt (like finding out to read music - or in ~ minimum learn exactly how to fake the - I’ll conserve that soapbox for an additional day). Without knowledge structure, you’re grounding memorizing a song from begin to finish and also you’re bound to screw that up. With track structure, you have the right to look in ~ the method it’s built and say, OH, look in ~ the sections that room the same. Look at the people that space different.

Most importantly, if you ever before have to sing this song and you have actually a music was standing - THIS IS TRUE whether OR no YOU have actually THE MUSIC IN front OF you - compose down top top a item of paper in massive letters:


I can not tell friend the number of top-rate performers I’ve offered this advice to. The ones who perform it, never go increase on lyrics. The ones that don’t always DO. Trust me. It’s the the very least I have the right to offer after not offering you a solitary bit of aid in the lyric itself. It’s not alphabetical or also east-to-west. (My personal way of remembering is that Texas and also California are basic to remember and the middle two arein alphabet order. I’ll offer a prize to someone that comes up through a an excellent pneumonic - (Tell Adam M C??). That is just the worst. Don’t be proud. It is in smart. Write IT DOWN.

It’s not entirely my fault. In my first draft, the text to every chorus were the same. You have the right to thank Joe Church, Brian’s composition teacher (and my de facto ingredient teacher if Brian to be at NYU), because that the devilishly hard lyrics in the choruses. He stated (and I carry out think he to be right) that the character needed to keep upping his ante end the course of the song. Ns think it’s among the song’s an excellent charms.

I went earlier and looked in ~ the chorus again and also it’s a weird one. It’s not prefer looking at infant pictures. I’m no embarrassed through this song however could ns make the decisions ns made back then if i were composing lyrics for this now? Look in ~ this crazy rhyme scheme!


You’re Adam. You’re not a brainiac. You say“Romeo is calling because that Juliet” and you typical that girlfriend love her. You median that she’s her soulmate.

Now you’re Sam. You’re analytical and literaland literary. You hear“Romeo is calling because that Juliet”. Girlfriend hear that you’re star-crossed, that you’re doomed.

Adam doesn’t recognize that when he states it yet he feels the fail of his metaphor. All of his metaphors build a case versus him. The talks around On the Roadbecause Sam loves that book, since she romanticizes driving throughout the country, lot like Sal does in on the Road. However Sal’s trip is solitary and obsessed not through Mary Lou (or any of the other women Sal sleeps with) yet with Dean, his finest friend. Sam is the same way.



I think a lot about ingenues in the musicals ns write. How could I not? It’s a large trope in musical theater, more in 보다 in any type of other genre. There are even vocal registers the feel more“ingenue”. I prospered up in high school, college, and community theater play ingenues. I was the daughter, the wife, the literal ingenue in City of Angels.

I likewise identified with ingenues in movies. I chosen them plucky yet I always wanted them to get the man - or, let’s be honest - I want the guy to get them.

Now, I just write ingenues once I have the right to turn the idea on its head. Sam is not an ingenue. The story begins when her naïveté has actually been lost. If we told this story native the perspective from the start of her an elderly year, she wouldbe the ingenue, but we phone call the story from her moment prior to her rebellion. We room chronicling her journey awayfrom ingenue.

Brian and I joked through the rehearsal process that ours ingenue is actually Adam. However by definition #2, it’s nice accurate. Ingenues are often only in the love plot the a musical. They typically have one an excellent song in a show yet someone rather (a guy traditionally) it s okay to be associated in the multi-plot the a show. Harold Hill pursues Marion, whose function is included to her utility to his plot - his ethical opposite, however Harold is affiliated in number of plots. Sarah has actually her dogmatic ideas (also a ethical opposite to Sky) but it’s sky Masterson who transforms v his partnership with she andhis connection to the gambling plot. Rosemary literally sings around how she will be happy to keep her husband’s dinner warm, while Finch climbs the ladder to success and falls in love in the many perfunctory means possible. (These space all shows that are structurally genius pieces of theater, through the way, they simply suck once it come feminine stereotypes.)

Adam is really happy v their revolution relationship. That doesn’t actually want anything else. He renders a big sacrifice by trying to imagine what Samwants, and also in order to pull her the end of she grief, tries to give it to her. It’s an act of sacrifice and empathy. And he’s right. She does should run away. Simply not with him. And it bring away him naming the idea for her to realize specifically what she needs.

Do you see what ns love Adam? i wonder if males who composed female ingenues feeling the exact same way? You’re developing an idealized variation of what the other sex have to be so the your fault (read: interesting) protagonist deserve to grapple with the world roughly them. The exciting thing about creating this character to be the attempt to manipulate the audience enough so that the audience would certainly love that as lot as ns do but feel how deeply not correct it would certainly be for Sam to say yes.

Miscellaneous inquiries You have Asked

Can i (a guy) ~ do so Sam is a boy and also sing this song?

Why not? The“wife” line is a little weirder yet I can justify it. There space a pair other pop versions the lyrics the are much more generic that can be valuable to you if girlfriend go that route.

Why are there pop lyrics to this song?

We love this song and we wanted more people to have the ability to cover it. The usage of“Sam” in the lyric feels essential in the show. It provides the lyric feel more insistent. Out of context, it feels a little theatery. I favor theater - don’t obtain me not correct - however the remainder of the tune doesn’tfeel that means so it kind of bring away you out of the track if you’re no listening in the paper definition of the show. I favor the pop lyrics to the song. You need to feel cost-free to use them anytime. Though, in an audition, I’d revert to the original lyrics. Immediacy / theatricality / insistence are your friend there.

Why go Adam say“let me be the ar that friend hide”?I gained this concern specifically from someone once I to be soliciting questions. It must have actually been on Twitter since I can’t discover it top top I hope that the rest of this article helps illuminate the character extensively enough the this already feels clearer. It’s a problematic idea, isn’t it? that comes ago to Adam giving comfort, giving protection, providing something that Sam can want yet is eventually wrong because that her.

Can ns record“Run Away with Me”?

Yes. Since it’s currently been professionally videotaped by us, by mockery Young, through Aaron Tveit, and Dwayne Britton (maybe others?), everyone can obtain the mechanical civil liberties to document through take care of Fox. Huzzah!

Why space there so many versions the the final riffs and release that “Run Away v Me”?

When you get the chance to workshop a tune as long as we have, you obtain to yes, really hone what you desire out the it. If you’re in doubt around whether or not you’re to sing the most updated version, check out Ben Fankhauser’s version on Playbill. This is the one we went into production through in loss 2017.

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Can a girl sing“Run Away with Me”?

Hell yeah. Carrie Manolakos covers that on our live album and it’s nice sick, and also here’s a new video that Emma Hunton’s take on it. You didn’t know exactly how much you wanted this.