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The Westacres Auto Theatre was opened in 1942. In 1951 it was renamed Rustic Drive-In with a single screen with a capacity for 600 cars. In 1988, two more screens were added and the surname was readjusted to the Rustic Tri-View Drive-In. It has a capacity for 550 cars.

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It is detailed as the last open drive-in in Rhode Island and is open up seasonally April through September.



JonathanInRandolph ~ above April 5, 2011 in ~ 9:04 am

Theres a house thats almost under among the displays on the street level. Ns wish i resided in that house. You can tune into the movie ~ above the stereo and also watch the movie in the backyard, lol


Archie1959 ~ above July 31, 2011 in ~ 10:01 afternoon

Just went to Rustic first time Saturday night. Gained there ½ hour before showtime so parking spot was not good but better than some. Saw T3 UGH! and Captain America negative ending. Did no think snack bar had huge selection. Location is cash only. Dissapointed in intermission. No dancing warm dogs or advertise of snack bar. Only coming attraction the Mission difficult & Spider Man. Basic to exit. Mine visit to Mendon journey In critical lear to be a better expoerence.


SingleScreen top top July 23, 2016 at 10:26 pm

In 1991, I caught a dual bill that FX2 and whatever STAR TREK film was released about that time. It was the first and just time I’ve to be there.

MichaelKilgore top top September 29, 2017 at 2:44 pm

There’s a quite article around the Desmaris family and also the Rustic in the Sept. 8, 1997 new York Times, still obtainable online 20 years later. A real time capsule! It says Clem and Beverly met while functioning there in 1954. Lock bought the Rustic in 1988, threw out the X-rated movies and added two screens.

The 1952 and also 1955-56 Theatre Catalogs list it through a capacity of 600 cars, operation by M. Stanzler and also Affiliated Ths. Corp.

The 1952-53 Motion snapshot Almanac list the owner as Rustic Drive-In, Inc. And that capacity at 600. That remained the exact same through at the very least its 1966 edition. In 1982, the owner to be Hallmark (not the card company, i hope!) and capacity was 500, and nothing changed through the MPAs" critical drive-in perform in 1988.

MichaelKilgore top top September 29, 2017 in ~ 8:40 pm

Three great YouTube videos:

2008: a staycation postcard native The Herald News 2013: 10-minute executive, management Suite TV interview, v drive-in footage, the the folks who run the Rustic 2017: very nice drone video including what the prior looks favor at floor level

Gerald A. DeLuca top top January 31, 2018 at 7:00 afternoon

My an initial time below was with friends on June 26, 1961 to watch a double bill the “The Apartment” and Elmer Gantry.“ Pretty great program.

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Gerald A. DeLuca on September 25, 2021 in ~ 10:57 to be

1942 ads for a Westacres Auto Theatre ~ above Louisquisset Pike, one mile from Park Square, imply that was an earlier name because that the Rustic Drive-In.