We are situated on 89 acre of woodland land turn off Carmel valley Road, just 5 miles from HWY 1. Nestled in ~ oaks, Monterey pines, and redwoods, Saddle hill offers a good peaceful getaway for those search a rest from the bustle that life.

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Enjoy Saddle mountain Ranch and also the surrounding areas with all the amenities and also comforts that home. Ours cabins have a range of layouts and amenities come accommodate the different needs and also desires of our guests.

Get the end in style!

Experience Carmel Valley where the climate is tempered by the ocean simply 15 minutes away. Our RV town offers 30-amp hook-ups, restrooms, complimentary hot showers, wifi, cable, playground and we space pet-friendly.

You can likewise enjoy our sparkling swimming pool in the months of may to October. RV max length is up to 30ft.

Pitch her tent ~ above our cozy mountain amongst the trees and also beautiful settings. reap a short walk to our sparkling pool whereby you have the right to relax under the gazebo v a propane fire pit. We likewise have fire pits (burning Duraflame logs only) for your campsite usage as friend gaze in ~ the stars.

Free hot showers/bathrooms are for ours Saddle campers to use, and when you camp with us you can indulge in amenities such as ping pong, horseshoe pits, badminton or examine out a plank game.

We welcome guests to try our Saddle hill trail up into the woodland with beautiful views. Can’t wait to check out you!

Saddle Mountain high-end Tents provide an out camping experience with part glamorous amenities.

Plush comfortable Queen beds with linensBBQ/chairs and also a propane burn fire pitElectric & wifi deck in campgroundShort walk come restrooms/hot showersIncludes every campground amenitiesSaddle’s exclusive hiking trail

Saddle Mountain has over 5 miles of long trails leading every the means to the an extremely top that the mountain. There space incredible vistas all follow me the trail together you make your means up with our enchanted forest. The genuine reward is uncovered 2.5 miles up the trail come the really tippy optimal of the mountain where girlfriend will discover 360 level views that the hills of large Sur, Carmel Valley and also the Pacific Ocean.

We have been coming below for year RV camping. It’s really peaceful in Carmel Valley. The grounds are up against the mountain and also there is a follow to climb to the top and also take in the breathtaking view!!! The staff is very friendly and also helpful. You’re 5 minute from Carmel-By-The-Sea and also 10 minutes from Monterey. Full hooks and tent sites. This has a beautiful pool area. If you’re looking for a bougie RV park … this is no it!!!!

This is such a an excellent spot! The home my family and also I stayed in had actually a tiny house like collection up (which to be perfect because that me because I’m obsessed through them) through a resting loft and also living area linked with the kitchen and also dining area. It was sooo cozy and also charming but likewise surprisingly roomy for the 5 the us! The loft had decently high ceilings so that felt more comfortable to sleep increase there compared to other sleeping lofts I’ve to be in and also the mattress was so comfortable. We had a cute side yard collection up the felt surprisingly private provided there to be other homes on the lot. This location is not far from downtown however away native the craziness in a more rural spot near lots of good hiking trails. About as glamorous as glamping have the right to get! I’ll absolutely be back, probably for a high-end tent following time.

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We stayed at Saddle hill RV park because that 3 nights in an RV. The was quite the find. Us loved everything about this place. The bathrooms and showers were really clean, the staff exceptionally friendly and helpful. The park has actually a beautiful pool and the grounds space beautiful. There room many locations to sit with gas firepits under gazebos for evening socializing. Perform not hesitate to continue to be here.

A hidden gem! really clean, quiet, amazing pool, fire pits, and also games for all. RV sites with full hook ups, dry tent camp sites every up the valley from the coast so your no under the maritime layer freeze mid day. A an excellent place come stay! We will be back…

“Incredible value. 5-10 min journey from anything friend need yet feels favor you in the middle of nowhere. Publication here and also feel confident you’ve made a good choice. The cabins are great!”