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Some points are just never said, noOooh ooh oohWoah woah, yeahStory of mine lifeOrdinary person similar to youIf you take it a watch insideYou"ll view the good things that people doChanging lives day and also nightBut nothing ns do ever makes the newsStill I have to do what"s rightTo the King of all kings, all worship is dueYesterday i was on a trainA little boy inquiry me mine nameHe claimed "Sir, I"ve watched you before, phone call me who are you"?Said ns am a legend the you never heard of beforeI claimed I am a lion yet you never ever heard me roarI to be a hero that nobody celebratesBut if one human remembers mine nameThat way I made a changeI"m the male who cooks the food and feed the street people in the afternoonI"m the lady v the broom scan the halls of her sons pre-schoolI"m the soldier who"s up all night, making sure everything"s alrightAnd if girlfriend ask me I"m quite fine, gift a ordinary human doing what"s rightYesterday at the football gameA tiny girl request me mine nameShe said "Sir, I"ve checked out you before, call me who space you?"Said ns am a legend that you never heard of beforeSaid ns am a lion however you never heard me roarI to be a hero that nobody celebratesBut if one human being remembers mine name, the meansI"m the s of fameI"m an unknown sailorI"m the percussionist playing with the WailersThe one through the shaker, the mover and also shakerMy surname wasn"t ~ above the former of the paperBut mi nuh treatment cahMuch an ext than the occupational cah the occupational is greaterCreation glorifies CreatorSo every deeds done room in the surname of mine MakerI to be a legend the you most likely never hear aboutWords from the lion"s mouthI am a hero the nobody celebratesBut if one human remembers my nameGive praise, that method I do a change(Legend, legend)(I am a legend)(Legend, legend)(I to be a legend)(Legend, legend)(I to be a legend)Story of my lifeOrdinary person as with youIf you take a watch insideYou"ll check out the great things that civilization doWe the end here transforming lives day and also night, day in job outBBC don"t display itCNN don"t display itEase out