To provide food, shelter and straightforward human services to poor and homeless individuals regardless the race, creed, organic origin, criminal history, or recidivism.

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Executive Director

Ms. Maryellen M. Shuckerow

Main address

PO box 398 617 main St.

Middletown, CT 06457 USA

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Fundraising Contact

Mr. Peter Keast

Development & Marketing

Fundraising call phone: (860) 344-0097 Ext 31

Physical Address

617 main Street

Middletown, CT 06457

Payment Address

PO box 398 617 main St.

Middletown, CT 06457

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Legal surname of organization: St. Vincent de Paul Middletown

EIN because that payable organization: 06-1387081



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Emergency assistance (Food, Clothing, Cash) (P60)

Homeless Services/Centers (P85)

Food Banks, Food Pantries (K31)


IRS filing requirement

This organization is not required to record an annual return v the IRS because it is a church.


St. Vincent de Paul Middletown, (SVDM) started in 1980 concentrates on “meeting needs and also offering hope” come the poor and also homeless in higher Middletown, Connecticut.Our guests space men, women, and also children that live in poverty, unemployment or underemployed, homeless or at threat of becoming homeless. .Approximately 60% of our guests room from decimal groups, and over 50% room women. Many attend to the long-term effects and also challenges the addictions and mental illness.• 11% of Middletown households live in poverty• 5,845 households in town get SNAP - the commonwealth Subsidized Nutrition Assistance plan (formerly food stamps)• 46% that public school students receive complimentary or lessened price meals in ~ school• 54% that students take part in a school breakfast program• in between 800 and 950 distinctive families from our neighborhood with indigenous one to eight members acquire 3 days’ precious of groceries.Too countless are confronted with the decision to pay because that groceries, or store their lamp or warmth on.

What are the organization's current programs, just how do they measure success,and who carry out the program serve?

St. Vincent de Paul Middletown, (SVDM) established in 1980 focuses on “meeting needs and offering hope” come the poor and also homeless in higher Middletown, Connecticut. SVDM"s mission is "to carry out food, sanctuary and an easy human services to poor and also homeless individuals regardless that race, creed, natural origin, criminal history or recidivism." We room basically a four-pronged mission. Ours Soup Kitchen (I) serves about 100,000 meals annually. St. Vincent’s Gardens, a series of micro-programs motivates soup kitchen guests to participate in light farming, community cleaning and also other healthy and balanced activities, causing a reduction of substance use and idleness. Our community Assistance program (II) associate 500 world to neighborhood support services and also emergency funds. People can use for help that may incorporate security deposits, rental assistance, clothing, transportation and also id

I.Soup Kitchen, 617 key St., Middletown, anticipates offer 1,085 non-duplicated individuals about 100,000 meals in the comes year. After drastic modifications of ‘to-go’ only food company during the height of the pandemic, we fully reopened the Soup Kitchen dining room July 1, 2021. Hours are 8:30-3:00 p.m. Breakfast 8:30-10:30, lunch 11:30-1:30. Through the Soup Kitchen, we are launching St. Vincent’s Gardens--a Recovery design of Care, to encourage Soup Kitchen guest to take part in healthy, fertile activities, top to greater self-esteem, and also a reduction in drug/ alcohol use. Urban Eco-Sanctuary: the revolution of our rear yard and second floor deck in to a garden area wherein we are elevating chickens, farming vegetables, herbs and also flowers.

1.Financial Assistance: world with short-lived financial needs can use for assistance. Partner from the regional faith neighborhood who trust us to provide help when it is appropriate primarily fund the program. Needs for protection deposits, rental assistance, transportation and also procuring identification room the most common forms of assistance granted. 2.Community Outreach: around 480 world met v SVDM’s outreach worker critical year to receive assist they overcome addition, homelessness, poverty, and mental and also physical crisis. 3.Middletown’s Community apparel Program: human being receive garments vouchers for totally free clothing at Goodwill Industries, through local situation managers from multiple social company agencies. The clients acquire the dignified suffer of shopping because that themselves in ~ a surrounding Goodwill store. If a client without a caseworker or manager requests clothes from us, the client is referred to our outreach worker because that a basic assessment that needs.

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III. Exceptional Grace Food Pantry, 16 ridge St., Middletown, is open up for in-house to buy Wednesday and Fridays from 11:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m. No much more than six world can wait in the wait area and not an ext than 4 to 5 human being can shop at one time. Us anticipate serving over 300,500 meals a year to an mean of 2,200 individuals or 1,200 family members per month. This translates to 22,000 meals every month or 500,000 food items dispersed in a year. We anticipate offer an average of 1,280 adults, 720 children and 400 seniors per month. We deliver complimentary groceries to house bound and also mostly fragile seniors and also people experience immune treatment or cancer treatments. Our weekend earlier pack routine ensures that elementary student in need receive a four-pound bag that food every Friday come take residence from college that has breakfast foods, milk, sandwich fixings, new fruit and also snacks for the weekend.

We administer Supportive real estate Supportive solutions to seventy-eight formerly homeless people; fourty of whom live in ~ Liberty Commons and also the remaining thirty-eight in scattered-site apartments transparent the city. 6 housing case managers work with our tenants to accessibility mental health and wellness support, substance abuse treatment, medical and also dental services, employment, and counseling and also with other activities of daily living.Through ours Representative Payee Program, 35 human being remain housed because their bills room paid and the remainder of their (disability) income is parceled out to them every month though SVDM. We regulate over $485,000 in disability income every year.