I charged my phone last nite and also this morning once I removed the charger the screen showing galaxy s7 edge it is provided by android is stuck on with a consistent blue light. I have actually tried the strength volume under button and also it simply reboots and also goes back to that screen again. I’ve make the efforts the home switch volume up and also power button and also nothing happens. Please help

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I understand this could be as well late however maybe there space still people searching for answers online.

My wifes S7 got stuck at logo with steady blue led throughout charging, its simply restart prefer that also with simulated batery pull. What we did to be the following;1. Use various charging cable2. Fee it top top the power outlet or computer usb making use of the new cable3. While the is plugged in, shot doing the simulated battery traction (holding volume down plus strength button).4. After it reset it suppose to show a battery image yet still frozen with steady blue led.5. Waited for like 5 mins and also i just noticed the the imaged change into the one battery percentage and led is currently steady orange.6. That is currently charging normally and also can be powered on.

Hope the help.

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