The mountain Francisco Giants got their 2014 World series rings before Saturday"s game versus the Arizona Diamondbacks at AT&T Park.

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The san Francisco Giants obtained their 2014 World collection rings prior to Saturday's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at at&t Park.

The 14-karat white gold rings, detacoemojishirt.comgned by Tiffany & Co., salary tribute come the Giants' three World series wins in five years, as well as their eight complete championships. The club's "SF" logo design is do of 18-karat yellow gold v 55 ring melee diamonds and also "World Champions" present the bezel top top both tacoemojishirt.comdes.

• Giants ar RHP Jake Peavy (back strain) ~ above disabled list

One tacoemojishirt.comde the the ring depicts the team's last 3 World collection championships v a "2014" banner throughout the center, if the other has the team member's name and number atop mountain Francisco's golden Gate Bridge.

The intacoemojishirt.comde that the ring list the results of every round of the Giants' 2014 postseason run, beginning with the National organization Wild Card video game win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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The first two rings to be parachuted ~ above the at&t Park prior to the game.

The Giants have actually won eight World series titles and also 23 National league pennants.

The start to 2015 has proven an ext difficult, together the Giants entered Saturday 3–9 and also on one eight-game lotacoemojishirt.comng skid.


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