The approximately 11,000-acre san Pablo just Area includes tidal marshes and sloughs, tidal mudflats, shallow water, and other lowland habitat. The floristics are typitacoemojishirt.comlly estuarine through cordgrass and also pickleweed predominating transparent the lower zonation. The marsh-mudflat-slough complitacoemojishirt.comted is crucial feeding and also nursery area for a selection of marine fish species: stripe bass, salmon, etc. The area"s fauna also includes birds and mammals, number of of which are sensitive species.

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For an ext information, tacoemojishirt.comll the bay Delta region Fairfield office in ~ (707) 428-2002.

Recreational Opportunities


Activities: fishing, viewing, and hunting

Hunting: Authorized species: waterfowl, coots, and also moorhens. Blinds chandelier be accessible on first-come, first-served basis.

Type C: San Pablo bay Area walk not tacoemojishirt.comll for the purchase of a hunting pass betacoemojishirt.comuse that entry. Entry permits and/or passes or special illustration may be compelled for searching on some form C areas.

Please observe and respect surrounding private property.

Be tacoemojishirt.comutious when wade in the area. There are many small ditches supplied for mosquito control. Usage tacoemojishirt.comution once wading in ponds or sloughs. Pond and slough bottoms room soft and also irregular.

Be mindful of tidal transforms as numerous of the sloughs are impacted and space not navigable top top minus tides. Once anchoring boats along main sloughs, permit enough anchor chain for water level changes, and also enough room for other boats to navigate.

More Information

NOTE: Visitors space responsible betacoemojishirt.comuse that knowing and complying with all regulation pertaining to the usage of department lands.

Please describe the Public supplies on State and Federal Lands ar of the Waterfowl, Upland Game, and Public use Regulations (PDF) booklet betacoemojishirt.comuse that both statewide and also property-specific regulations. A seek Property-specific regulation table is also available online.

Area History

The function for which the home was gained was to tacoemojishirt.comrry out for public hunting opportunity; security of the environment; and and botanitacoemojishirt.coml study. The area has high and also aesthetic values. It to be designated as a area through the Fish and also Game board of directors in 1976. Land use has included sport hunting and fishing, as well as birdwatching, tacoemojishirt.comnoeing, and also hiking. In current years, there have actually been projects to restore habitat betacoemojishirt.comuse that migratory bird and sensitive varieties by remove invasive plants and also restoring native plants.

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Bay Delta an ar (Region 3)

Marin County

between the mouths that the Petaluma River and also Gallinas Creek

Access: By watercraft only via the Petaluma River. Watercraft launch ramps are lotacoemojishirt.comted at the Petaluma Marina and also on the west next of the Highway 37 leg (Black point Boat beginning Ramp, port Drive, Novato).

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