This under the radar prospect plays Thursday, November 1 at 7:00pm against the Akron Zips. The game can be watched on CBS Sports Netjob-related if you obtain that channel. He will be #73 for Northern Illinois University in the white jerseys.

Max Scharping is a 6’ 6” 320 lb left tackle at Northern Illinois University that has the talent to be a force in the NFL. He is a smart kid with a unique expertise on how to usage his body in run blocking and also pass sets. He has played 254 pass blocking snaps this year, and also he has actually allowed no sacks and a solitary QB hurry. His pass blocking performance is 99.0 according to PFF which is the 2nd highest possible among draft eligible tackles.

He has actually started 48 directly games, eexceptionally game the Huskies have actually played considering that his freshman year. His freshman and sophomore years he played the best tackle place. He moved to the left side his junior year.

Scharping was a major reason NIU allowed the fewest sacks in the FBS in 2017. He permitted no sacks and a mere 5 QB pressures in 425 breaks, which was among the finest rates of protection in the nation.

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He is on the watch list of both the Outland also Trophy (finest interior lineman) and also the Wuerffel Trophy (player who finest combines exemplary area business with athletic and academic achievement).

I have five clips of Scharping listed below. I figured I would certainly take five snaps in a row to display you a appropriate depiction of his play.


In this clip Scharping #73, is trying a reach block on a defender on his inside shoulder, which is a complicated block to start with. He gets to the player and is trying to turn him out of the hole. He is at a poor angle bereason he didn’t gain far sufficient in front of his guy plus he is a small high in his set so he has poor leverage. Invariably he keeps his male from the play so it was an reliable block, although he could have used better technique to perform so.


Here he does a really nice project in his pass collection. His man doesn’t push him best ameans, however Scharping stays dvery own in his stance so he doesn’t gain as well far over his toes. He reflects excellent balance below. He squares up the defender, and you view his man is positioned appropriate in the center of his body once he makes his move. It is a fairly poor pass rush attempt by the defender, however Scharping keeps good concentration and also does his task and also it have the right to be done.


This clip reflects a far better job on the reach block that he attempted in clip #1. He has exceptionally excellent knee bfinish. and when he gets to his male he is able to twist in front of him to wall him off from the play behind him. The defender #41 is a a lot smaller man which makes it even more difficult to obtain place on a smaller sized, quicker taracquire. This is a really nice task.


Here he is utilizing a right power drive block strategy against his defender. Tright here is no nuance to this. Just square your man up then drive him out of the method. Both he and also the LG push their players 5 yards downarea and amethod from the play. It’s a check out alternative, and also the QB has a misreview on the play. The DE is sliding dvery own to take the dive play. If the QB had actually just preserved the sphere he had actually a whole open side of the area to run to. However, Scharping confirmed excellent power and a nice body lean on his drive block. Aobtain nicely done.

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On this play the defender appears to be simply holding the edge bereason he is going nowbelow on his pass rush. Once he sees that the play is a pass he requirements to acquire upfield, but Scharping has actually him quit cold. He is going nowbelow. Scharping is a lot more powerful than the defender. He has a good base, and also his anchor is solid.

Scharping appears to be a top quality prospect who possesses good strength and has great method for the position. He appears to have actually hefty feet so he is more than likely a better prospect as a right tackle, yet we will check out how he looks at the Combine.

Watching other tape of him, he looks solid. The just visible thing I would certainly say he might work on is his hand placement which can get wide a times. He must do as many type of agility drills as he deserve to to increase his lateral motion and also dexterity.

He has actually the dimension you look for and also a good temperament for the position. Because he comes from a smaller sized school he could get shed in the process (not really likely) and slide dvery own the Draft boards. The Jets need a few more players favor Scharping.

I will certainly attempt and carry you some more under the radar prospects in the coming weeks so hopetotally you deserve to watch some games and create your own opinions.