Young adult novels have been attracting Hollywood’s attention due to the fact that before the category existed (The Outsiders, anyone?), and also in current years, many of the most successful box office hits and also buzziest television series have come directly native the YA shelves. Page to Screen is a series in i beg your pardon authors who novels have been adapted for the screen share their distinctive perspectives ~ above the process. Some have little to no involvement, others are writing scripts and sitting in monogrammed chairs top top set, yet all have actually experienced seeing their work in a brand-new way.

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Today, bestselling author Aimee Friedman shares the story of exactly how her 2009 novel Sea change got a new life ~ above film seven years ~ its release. Check the end previous web page to Screen posts here.


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Sea Change come out in 2009, so once did the page-to-screen procedure start?A producer contacted me ago in 2009…which go to display how lengthy this process can take! It to be thrilling simply to listen that human being thought there might be film/TV potential in my story, and also I practically didn’t enable myself to daydream much past that. First, ns signed a shopping commitment with the producer and his partner, which, unlike an option, doesn’t encompass payment, however grants the interested party the ideal to shop the idea approximately to studios, networks, etc. In the wishes of acquiring an really option. Over there were many stops and also starts along the way—moments of getting my hopes way up, and also then way down. It to be good, in a sense, due to the fact that it helped me construct a thicker skin and a reality attitude about how these points unfold. I additionally learned the fine arts of patience. The initial producers stuck with the project, though, and also for that i am forever grateful!

When did the to buy agreement become an option?In 2012, MarVista to chat optioned the book, which was an exciting step. Yet after the there were again many stops and also starts. I acquired busy working on brand-new projects, and I do the efforts to greatly put Sea Change the end of my head; so lot time had actually passed that ns wasn’t sure anything would really develop. And then, in march of 2016, I got the many amazing phone call ever, from the producer who had been with me from the really start. It turned out MarVista had actually partnered with life time on the project, and also it to be a “go”—filming to be to start in July 2016 in Canada! ns pretty certain I to be speechless for around five solid minute on the phone call (and people who understand me well recognize that i am hardly ever speechless!).

Not to be crass, yet did this news average a paycheck because that you?Yes, most options come through money attached, and the amount varies widely. My alternative payment came in stages, which i think is typical as well. I received one amount top top signing the the choice agreement, and then i received one more sum when filming commenced.

After the contact came, did friend have any involvement in the project?Everyone associated in this production, indigenous the producers to the writer to the network, has been absolutely wonderful. I lucked out! I got to review the scripts as they come along and I was updated on casting once that procedure began. I don’t have any official speak or approval; generally, when you sign an alternative agreement, your publication baby becomes their movie/TV baby. And also I entirely get that! the a different medium and I’m happy to hand the reins over to the experts. But it was exceptional to have the ability to read the script and also see what was changed in the story and what continued to be the same. And also of course ns loved detect out about each actor they cast…and I have to say, the spreading was perfect.


And you got to visit the set, yes?Yes! The set visit absolutely ranks increase there among the most surreal and unforgettable experience in my life. The pilot was filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia; I’d never been over there before and also it’s spectacularly beautiful—wild beaches, lush greenery, the perfect setting for the story.

I obtained to spend two full days on set when they were filming on a beach. Castle even set me up v my very own headphones therefore I can watch every the activity being filmed if sitting with the director, screenwriter, director of photography, producers, and script super in “video village.” that was significant to get a peek right into the process; ns was blown far by the talent, tough work, commitment, enthusiasm, and also drive the the entire cast and also crew—everyone really comes with each other as a team to make certain the last product is as good as it have the right to be.


How to be it communicating with the actors members?The entire team was so unbelievably kind and also welcoming, and also eager to chat with me about the book. When I met Emily Rudd, the actress play Miranda (the protagonist), I usually cried—she looked exactly as ns pictured Miranda in my head as soon as I created the book, every those year ago. I think the was the craziest thing, seeing these personalities I dreamed up truly involved life. Every the actors were so on point with what I had imagined—plus talented and gorgeous and also sweet!

On my critical night there, ns went the end to dinner v bunch of the cast and also crew, and also we were gifted this awesome T-shirts that say “Welcome come Selkie Island” (where the story take away place). The was one more emotional moment for me—when I’d assumed up Selkie Island years ago, i couldn’t have ever before guessed the it would one day be immortalized on a T-shirt!

That’s amazing! have you checked out the pilot yet? I have actually yet to watch the perfect product. That in post-production best now, which method it’s getting edited and spiffied up v special effects, music, etc. I can’t wait to watch it as soon as it’s ready! (Spoiler alert based on what i have heard for this reason far: it seems to be terrific.) once the pilot is prepared it will certainly be presented to the network and they will certainly decide if they want to choose it up for series.

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Does the show feel separate from her book, favor its own thing, or does that feel closely connected?The display feels favor its own entity—it has its very own clear, excellent voice and also vision. There were also specific changes do from the book; because that instance, Selkie Island in the publication is off the coastline of Georgia, but for the show, that been relocated to off the coastline of Maine. But the characters and the romance and the themes feel very closely connected to the book, i m sorry is unique for me.

It’s no a show yet, yet even filming a pilot is incredible. Is the buzz help sales? It’s been great to get new fans and also followers on society media, who uncovered the book via the announcements in Deadline, etc. Around the show. Also, the incredible cast members each have actually lots of fans, so there’s been brand-new buzz and also outreach that method as well. The too at an early stage to to speak if there will be a new edition that the book…though exactly how cool would that be?