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Has a Sea of thef riddle got you stumped? inspect out our finish guide to fixing every tricky endowment puzzle consisting of Devil"s Ridge, Crook"s Hollow, Shark Bait cove and also more, here.

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If you"ve been playing Sea the Thieves, chances are you"ve run into one or much more of the game"s puzzling sweetheart riddles. While few of these riddles are much easier than rather to figure out, some may leave girlfriend baffled as to where to uncover them on the map and also the actions you need to do to complete them. In this guide, we"ve started compiling a list of every Sea of thieves riddle we"ve come throughout so far together with solutions to the puzzles. We"ve included important info like where the island is located and steps you"ll have to follow to unearth the treasure. As we find and also unlock much more puzzles we"ll keep including to the guide. One vital thing to keep in mind is that few of the islands will certainly have different puzzles or riddles leading to the very same location. If the riddle we have listed isn"t the same as yours, adhering to the directions we"ve given should still help you complete the goal. As we find more related riddles, we"ll shot to compile those together well.

Happy Sailing!

"Sea that Thieves" Riddle Guide: Locations and Solutions because that Completing Every endowment Puzzle quest in the Game


Sea Of theif "Devil"s Ridge" Riddle SolutionPlayer.One

Sea Of thef "Devil"s Ridge" Location and also Riddle Solution

"Devil"s Ridge has actually riches vast, from forgotten story in the past.

From the legendary Lone Hunter ~ above the phibìc beach, ye are getting near,

9 paces East-by-North East and shovel here."

Step #3: find "Lone Hunter" cave Paintings - as soon as on shore, store a lookout for walls through some cave paintings ~ above them. They will attribute a red hunter holding a spear (Legendary Lone Hunter). As soon as you"ve discovered those paintings, rotate yourself so that you are encountering East-by-North EastStep #4: take 9 procedures - encountering East-by-North East, take it nine measures as indicated by the clue.Step #5: begin Digging - after ~ 9 steps you must be at the place for resolving the Devil"s Ridge riddle. If friend don"t discover the prey in that exact location, girlfriend can shot stepping one pace north, south, east or west that the spot and also dig there also as some players have actually had an obstacle finding it exactly after ripe paces. The chest"s ar will be quite near the water.

Sea Of thieves "Thieves Haven" Location and Riddle Solution


Thieves Haven Location and Riddle SolutionPlayer.OneFor gold come Thieves" Haven friend sail, however I"ll take a wager you will certainly fail.

Reading this map a clue you"ll see

If at the painted heavens up high to the North east ye stand be

Find the note of the Red Eye Parrot over the phibìc Inner waters, you salty dog

9 paces north East, have a did and then a grog.

Step #3: find "Painted Heavens" cave Paintings - after acquiring your following clue, you"ll desire to walk to the northmost component of the island to the phibìc East. You"ll be browsing for more cave paints showing a moon and some stars. Store an eye the end for a wooden crane and platform close to the bay. There will be a low stone wall close to there v the painting on it.Step #4: inspect Map - when you"ve uncovered the painting, pull the end your map and look in ~ it. The next component of the clue around the Red Parrot will certainly appear. ~ you"ve review it, head in the direction of the bay where the next section of the clue will be found.Step #5: uncover "Red Eyed Parrot" - when you reach the bay, look come the North side of it till you uncover a long ladder. Climb it and once at the top, look to your left. You should see a rock there v the Red Eyed Parrot painted ~ above it. Place yourself alongside the Parrot and then take nine measures to the phibìc East.Step #6: start Digging - after ~ 9 measures you have to be in ~ the ar for fixing the thieves Haven riddle. If friend don"t uncover the loot in that exact location, you can shot stepping one speed north, south, eastern or west the the spot and also dig there also.

Sea Of thieves "Crook"s Hollow" Location and also Riddle Solution


Crook"s hole Location and also Riddle SolutionYouTubeAfter mutiny and plunder, now come to rest, top top Crook"s hollow to hide my chest.

The countless Lizard paint where the light is murky

Dig 6 paces South-by-South east a treasure"s lurking

Step #2: discover "Endless Lizard" Painting - The next component of the clue needs finding the right cavern where the Lizard painting is located. The best method to discover it is come look because that the wood Pier. You"ll watch a cave near it. Get in that cave and go under it it spins you watch a skeleton lying versus a wall. You"ll check out the continues to be of a campfire there together well. Look at the wall opposite the skeleton and you"ll check out a painting with two lizards chasing each other in a circle.Step #3: Walk and Dig - when you"ve uncovered the paintings, pull the end our compass and also tin till it reflects South-by-South East. Take it six procedures in the direction and the begin digging because that the treasure.

Sea Of theif "Shark Bait Cove" Location and Riddle Solution


Shark Bait Cove Location and also Riddle SolutionYouTubeShark Bait Cove you may be bound, trying to find fortune in the ground.

Find the campfire in ~ the remains of the fishing camp ~ above the south West shores, you salty dog

7 paces West-by-North West, have a dig and then a grog.

Step #1: uncover Shark Bait Cove Location - to finish this riddle, you"ll need to uncover the Shark Bait Cove location and also sail there. Top top the naval graph you"ll uncover the place of this archipelago in ~ 1-24.Step #2: walk To Southwestern Island - as soon as you"re obtaining near the archipelago, look because that the external ring and also sail come the island in the southwestern part of it. Anchor her ship there and also go ashore.Step #4: uncover "Fishing Camp" Painting - as soon as on shore, find the component of that that faces towards the ocean. What in the area you must see a stone wall through a painting of a stick person fishing. Look around till friend see damages of a boat and also a campfire that still burns. Place yourself beside the campfire.Step #5: Walk and Dig - From friend spot alongside the campfire, walk 7 paces West-by-North West and start digging around till you uncover the chest (there will be a little rock in the sand close to the best location).

Sea Of thieves "Snake Island" Location and also Riddle Solution


Snake Island Location and also Riddle SolutionYouTubeOn line Island a vision to behold, marvels of a tale untold

The Sunstone on the southern West coast of the biggest isle

Holds secrets untold, & paces West-by-North West destruction a well hole.

Step #1: discover Snake Island Location - to complete this riddle, you"ll need to find the the Shark Bait Cove location and also sail there. On the naval graph you"ll uncover the place of that this island at N-19.Step #2: walk To facility Island - as you sail come the ideal location, line Island will certainly be the largest and also centermost Island in the group. Head to the southern West side of the island, fall anchor and head ashore.Step #4: discover "Sunstone" Painting - when on shore look about till you uncover a really huge rock v a painted red sunlight on it. Stand next to the sunstone to prepare for your final step.Step #5: Walk and also Dig - From friend spot beside the Sunstone, walk seven paces West-by-North West. The place where you"ll do your digging is in a little alcove in the cliff.

Sea Of thieves "Shipwreck Bay" Location and also Riddle solution

Shipwreck bay Location and also Riddle SolutionYouTubeComing shortly ...

Sea Of theif "Plunder Valley" Location and also Riddle Solution

Plunder bay location and riddle solutionYouTubeComing quickly ...

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Sea Of thieves "Wanderer"s Refuge" Riddle Solution

Wanderer"s Refuge Location and Riddle SolutionYouTubeComing quickly ...