Isle of Thunder Farming

In the same way that we recently revisited Timeless Isle, I’ve been researching whether returning to Isle the Thunder, in Pandaria, is a an excellent gold making resource for human being of Warcraft players.

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You will need to be a mid-geared level 90, or preferably a level 100 character to farm yard here.

With so plenty of ways to do gold ~ above Isle of Thunder, it would be straightforward to become bogged down in the detail, so during the research study I concentrated on obtaining some the the most rewarding items.

Approx industry Values (Dec 2015)

Sealed Tome that the shed Legion EU 20,000g, united state 25-30k

Filthling pet EU & us 2-3,000g,

Sunreaver Micro-Sentry pets EU 1-1.5k , us 2-3,000g

Sealed Tome of the shed Legion

This one is for the warlock farmers in world of Warcraft.


The Sealed Tome the the lost Legion autumn from rarely mobs ~ above the Isle that Thunder.

2% chance means that on median you require 50 kills.

There are number of rares approximately Isle the Thunder. In the days before Cross realm Assist, girlfriend would have actually needed to navigate the Isle, top top foot, due to the fact that there is no paris in this area. If you still want to carry out this, you deserve to use TomTom and also NPC_Scan addons to uncover the rares.

Tomtom Waypoints

/way 35 82

/way 51 71

/way 35 62

/way 54 53

/way 61 50

/way 59 36

/way 64 49

/way 54 36

/way 45 30

/way 49 90

/way 48 25

/way 39 82

NPC_scan addon will certainly pick up the Isle that Thunder rares for you automatically. Every the rares generate in the exact same points or roam in a very little area nearby.

Now that Cross realm Assist and Group Finder allow easy kingdom hopping, it’s faster to continue to be in one area, and also jump realms to do the rares involved you instead. I recommend the area the the south Coast.

South shore Rares


Ku’lai the Skyclaw

and Haywire Sunreaver Construct


These three rares space all within basic reach of every other, if you discover you have worn down one rarely spawn point and desire to shot another, you don’t need to travel far.

Who deserve to loot this?

The article is only lootable by warlocks.

You have the right to see the article in the rare mob if that drops – however you won’t accomplish the demands to booty it as a non-warlock.

You have the right to still loot another one after you’ve completed the eco-friendly fire quest.

Warlocks have the right to loot an ext than one, but can only organize 1 in her inventory due to the fact that they space “unique”.

So merely loot one and also put the on the AH, then walk farm an additional one.

Haywire Sunreaver Construct

This rare drops a tradeable pet, the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry. Although tie on pickup, once learned, it have the right to be caged and also then sold, traded, or posted on the auction house. Keep cross realm jumping until the pets drops from the Haywire Sunreaver construct on the beach at the south of Ihgaluk Crag.

When we researched and also tried this top top the livestream, the droprate to be pretty low. For this reason we moved on to inspection another adjacent pet



The Filthling pets drops indigenous the nearby filth pits that the saurok mobs simply to the north of the Haywire build rare generate area. Kill the Quivering Filth mobs to cause a larger, upstream Quivering Filth to spawn. It’s the larger elites the drop the Half-Empty Food Container. As soon as you loot the BoP item, find out it, then uncover it in her pet journal, and right click to cage it. Once it’s caged, you can put the on the Auction House.

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Filthlings market for 2-3,000g at time of creating (December 2015)


Reckles ranches Filthlings


If girlfriend are analysis this blog short article in the future (hello native the past!) then these items need to still drop, and also you can inspect the price on The weaken Journal or in ~

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