For the mainly 1 challenges in Season 5 that Fortnite, football player must find a series of lightning bolts, collect treasure, open up chests and complete a couple of skill based objectives. In this overview you"ll uncover a finish "cheat sheet" map for Season 5 mainly 1 and additionally a thorough guide to check out you through.Before us start, psychic there room two category of challenges in Fortnite. The complimentary tier and the fight Pass tier. Within the in-game menu, cost-free challenges space highlighted in Blue whilst the battle Pass difficulties are Gold. If you want the high level rewards climate you"ll should complete all of the challenges in mainly 1. Let"s be moral here, main 1 the Season 5 isn"t particularly hard. There"s the usual RNG nature of the obstacles such as finding a Llama i m sorry spawns randomly about the map, but then there"s additionally the predictable challenges such together finding lightning bolts and treasure i m sorry is constantly in the same location for everyone.If you"re spring to walk SOLO then I"d say that these obstacles are all feasible by yourself, the hardest one being the Clinger, Stink or Grenade challenge.Ok, let"s gain down to service and an initial take a look at the cheat paper map through markers because that Lightning Bolts first:

Search for Lightning Bolts (0/7)

Another an easy treasure hunt the thankfully is the exact same for every player. There room technically two parts to this endowment hunt. You can travel all the way to Risky Reels and look for the map on the wall of the lodge however it"s much faster just to follow the instructions below.The real fight Star treasure is actually located in Tomato Town, simply to the southern where the tunnel is. Take keep in mind of the yellow marker on the map photo below:
Go come the northern side that the tunnel and the endowment is over the tunnel entrance on the hillside. It"s in plain sight yet I recommend travelling down the cliff political parties to make it less complicated to see and also collect.

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Open Chests (0/7)

Nothing too challenging about this difficulty really. Simply look for the classic chests within the Snobby Shores area - ~ above the much western next of the people map.You"ll have to open at the very least seven chests to complete this specific challenge.

Search a it is provided Llama (0/1)

Probably the hardest difficulty to complete this week and also not due to the fact that it"s complicated but since of the RNG gods. The really Llama deserve to spawn everywhere into the map - over there is no set location or method to force the spawn. However, you have the right to use ar heatmaps to improve your chances based on other peoples experience.According to the maps, Llama"s appears to spawn an ext often under the facility of the world map, to the phibìc of the desert biome and also the far north western corner of the world map. See photo below:
This heatmap is just based upon a a finite variety of gameplay hrs though and not 100% reliable. In mine experience, the best means to hunt under Llamas is to use your glider as much as feasible to scout from above. Only deploy the glider when the bushes generate in, this promises you"re in ~ the best altitude to also see Llamas. Repeat the glider procedure by making use of the brand-new rifts which provide you another adjust to glide.Given sufficient time the Llama will at some point spawn in because that you to complete this challenge.As a quick tip, I imply equipping the thermal scoped assault rifle i beg your pardon not only reveals adversaries but likewise highlights the Llama as soon as it"s in her vicinity.

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The new Golf Buggy (All Terrain Vehicle) is likewise the perfect compliment because that travelling long ranges as you find out this elusive animal.

Other Challenges

The other skill based difficulties are listed below. Friend shouldn"t require a guide for these simply a bit of practice and also luck!Eliminate opponents (0/3) - finish this challenge in the retail Row locationClinger, Stink or Grenade (0/3) - get kills v the utilities mentionedSMG damages (0/500) - go crazy with the SMG and rack up 500 damage to opponentsGood luck because that week 1!