With a brand-new week, us welcome brand-new challenges and quests. Us are currently on week 2 of epic Quests. In this guide, us will administer the guides for those tough-to-complete quests and also some general tips to do the simpler quests even easier.

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Cheat sheet Map

The map listed below provides the areas of all the spawns for this week\"s quests with certain locations. Monitor the instructions below the map if friend need an ext detail.


General tips & Tricks

The instructions listed below contain the web links to every individual guide and some basic tips to assist make the basic tasks even easier.

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Search chests at Corny complex or Lazy Lake. <7>Both locations are on the eastern fifty percent of the map. Both of castle are also heavily lived in drop points, so prior to you look because that chests, you desire to uncover a weapon. That is most basic to perform this in Team Rumble and also to drop at the place on the exact same side as your team\"s bus due to the fact that most of the human being that floor there with you will certainly be on your team. The pink markers in the map over show friend the places where you should collect chests.Explosive damage to opponents or foe structures. <500>Team Rumble is again the best game setting to complete this quest. Rocket Launchers are back to deal massive damage with each successful hit. They space a rarely weapon on the map. The easiest way to acquire them is come hit among the countless supply drops in Team Rumble due to the fact that they are commonly found those.Collect spray can be ~ from warehouses in Dirty Docks or garages in pleasant Park. <2>The complicated part the this pursuit is the the spray cans are sometimes difficult to spot since they\"re tiny objects. The coral-colored markers in the map above show you a few of the places you can find them. For a an ext detailed map, us recommend utilizing the guide linked above. Destroy tools at satellite stations. <15>This only difficulty for this pursuit is protecting you yourself while destroying equipment. At any satellite station there room at least three IO guards when the enhance starts, no to mention other players. However, the plus side is the you can destroy mostly noþeles (including structures) to have it count in the direction of your goal of 15. Search for a graffiti-covered wall at Hydro 16 or close to Catty Corner. <1>This quest can usually be done in the start of the enhance by landing at the right allude in either of these landmarks. Over there are four walls you can search for, and also most of castle are significant with the beige-colored mite above. For further information on wherein the graffiti-covered walls are, usage the guide linked above.

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Visit various named areas in a solitary match. <5>This search wouldn\"t be challenging if not for the restricted amount the time in each match. The easiest means to complete this search is to grab a UFO (which deserve to be discovered with the orange mite in the map above), and fly to any kind of five called location. If you can\"t discover a UFO, mode a Whiplash or a IO car with off-road tires and drive to each one.Enter a UFO. <1>The orange mite on the map over show girlfriend the ar of each UFO the is downed at the begin of the match. You can enter one of this UFOs to complete the quest, or you can go to the named places that space purple and glitching on your map and also shoot down a UFO there. For further information on exactly how to finish this quest, usage the guide connected above.

That\"s everything you need to know about this week\"s epos Quests! Be sure to inspect out ours Fortnite Homepage for the recent news, guides, and content because that all points Fortnite!

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