SEETHER's SHAUN MORGAN describes 'Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum' Album Title

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SEETHER guitarist/vocalist Shaun Morgan spoke to Detroit"s WRIF radio station around the decision to title the band"s brand-new album "Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum". Translating come "If You desire Peace, Prepare for War", the LP features 13 brand-new tracks, consisting of the an initial single "Dangerous", an man music video for which was released last month.

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"We had finished the album," Morgan said. "We obtained the masters back around around the 19th of February, so it"s to be done for a while. A couple of weeks after that, we had the shutdown, and I still didn"t have actually a surname for it, so that was kind of big deal. Ns was just coming up v ideas. I had actually a few ideas the I wanted to try out. There to be maybe 4 or 5 on the short list, and I didn"t really know which ones… they didn"t really speak to me as lot as as soon as I came up v this one. I was just kind that going v the Internet and going, "What about something in Latin?", just to it is in different, just for it come be different for us. So ns basically uncovered this. I love the "Para Bellum" part. The totality made type of feeling with today"s climate, and so ns just resolved on that for the name, because it just felt right. Basically, it"s my type of way of placing a time stamp on the year because that me and also for this album and also for this band. Ns felt it made the many sense."

Asked if "Dangerous" is musically representative of the rest of the album, Shaun said: "I was kind of simply writing for the benefits of writing, and also I wasn"t yes, really trying to restrict myself to any type of kind of border as much as what is SEETHER and also what is not SEETHER. So, I simply said, "Okay, cool. I"m gonna compose this song." and also it sort of just took ~ above a life of its own. And also it"s very different to every little thing else, i beg your pardon is, ns think, why the label kind of gravitated towards it for the single… i felt, and also the label felt, and the administration felt, the we want to do something the was different as much as the single goes, just because why not? We just said, let"s try and stand the end at radio. Let"s try and do it other that people don"t necessarily intend from us… because that the rest of the album, there"s certainly stuff that will certainly be an extremely reminiscent of what you understand us to be, and also I think you"ll feel rather comfortable. That won"t be, like, "Oh, gee, what the hell happened to this band?" but I assumed "Dangerous" was an interesting method to sort of reintroduce ourselves."

"Si passport Pacem, Para Bellum" is early on respectable 28 via Fantasy Records.

The "Dangerous" music video was created by provided Turkish director Mertcan Mertbilek, who has previously functioned with SANTANA, Ray Charles, Ravi Shankar and Elvis Costello.

"Si passport Pacem, Para Bellum" was created by Morgan and engineered and also mixed by Matt Hyde (DEFTONES, AFI) in Nashville from December 2019 with January 2020. The tape is joined on the album by newest member Corey Lowery (ex-guitarist/vocalist because that SAINT ASONIA and also STUCK MOJO), Morgan"s friend of 16 years, who likewise assistant-engineered the album.

Morgan and also bassist Dale Stewart formed SEETHER in southern Africa in 1999 under the name SARON GAS. The band released its an initial album, "Fragile", in 2000, and eventually captured the attention of American record label Wind-Up Records.

SEETHER has actually undergone number of lineup alters over the years, with Morgan and Stewart staying constant.

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