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published at 28th of April 2021 3:06 pmChapter 197: Transcribed

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After their conversation was over, Rio had gone ahead and returned to Ursula’s residence to have lunch with everyone. When they were done v their meal, he dubbed Latifa come his room, telling her he had actually a story for her.

「What’s the story, onii-chan?」

Latifa asked, tilting her head in curiosity.

「I want to phone call you vital story that ns haven’t said the elders yet. I desire you to tell you an initial before informing them.」

Rio said with a slightly far-off light showing up in his eyes.

「… and also that story is?」

Latifa inquiry hesitantly as anxiety creeped up on her. She wondered whether Rio would tell her that he to be going on one more journey and that he would certainly leave she again. Prior to that thought might take source in her mind though, Rio noticed she apprehension.

「Don’t look at me like that. Don’t worry, ns won’t leaving this village for a while.」

Seeing that, that assured her through a sort smile that he wouldn’t leaving the town for a while, easing she anxiety-ridden heart.

「Thanks goodness.」

As shortly as she heard his assurance, a bright laugh bloomed ~ above Latifa’s face, enhancing her slowly maturing and pretty face.

「Yes. Anyway, the story I desire to tell girlfriend is about a certain event that happened during my continue to be in the Strahl region.」

During yesterday’s gathering, he had actually only debated things pertaining to Aisia and also his revenge on Lucius. He had actually yet to cite the information concerning the ‘Hero Summoning Ritual’ the was held. And to be honest, he was slightly perplexed from whereby he have to start his tale around this matter.

「What happened throughout your stay in there?」

「Uhm… Where should I start from ns wonder? Well, to amount the matter up, the Strahl region is right now in a state the restlessness. And also the cause for this unrest is the arrival of the summoned people who were jointly called the Heroes.」

Rio said as he made decision to begin explaining this issue from the beginning.

「… Heroes?」

Latifa uttered absent-mindedly through a dumbfounded expression ~ above her confront upon listening Rio’s words. She had never meant she would once again hear such a familiar trope in this world.

「You should’ve already known this. As with how this town reveres the visibility of the spirits, the Strahl an ar has their own beliefs and they revere the beings called Six wise Gods. Perform you acquire it so far?」


「Now, indigenous time to time, these 6 Wise Gods will appoint part heroes because that the people. And also these heroes are said to be their apostle. Well, in short, they’re human beings who become God’s proxy. You have the right to say that these heroes are as with this world’s variation of Angel.」


Latifa make vague noises, indicating that while she was listening, she was also fully not interested in this matter. There was a large fat zero interest… until Rio continued his tale.

「Now, the main suggest I want to tell friend is this fact. Those summoned heroes room earthlings… Japanese people to be exact.」

「… EH!?」

At that revelation, Latifa’s eye widened and she straightened up, startled.

「Just like the legend told in Strahl Region, there are 6 heroes in total. And during mine time there, I had actually either obtained to recognize or met five of them. Every solitary one that ns met is Japanese. Furthermore, part unrelated people likewise got affiliated with the heroes summoning, and every one of them are Japanese too. So, i’m pretty sure the last hero is also of Japanese origin.」

Galwark Kingdom’s hero, Sumeragi Satsuki. Restoration’s hero, Sakata Hiroaki. Saint Stella Kingdom’s hero, Sendou Takahisa. Rubia Kingdom’s hero, Kikuchi Renji. And lastly, Bertram Kingdom’s hero, Rui Shigekura. Those to be the names of the heroes recognized to Rio.


For part time, Latifa remained silent. She couldn’t reaction to the sudden bombshell her brother offered her.

「Surprised, right?」

Rio asked through a troubled laugh as the looked at the dumbstruck expression his small sister had actually on she face.


Latifa nodded her head. She managed to calm she surging emotions with some difficulty. But she to be still at a lose of words, so she can only squeeze the end a one-word reply.

「But it’s quiet too beforehand to it is in surprised.」

「… there’s more?」

「… some of those who are affiliated in the hero summoning routine were my previous acquaintances indigenous previous life. And I have also told you several of their surname before.」

「… Who?」

Latifa asked, discreetly gulping together slight apprehension and also curiosity mixed in she heart.

「My childhood friend, that is additionally the girl ns love, Ayase Miharu-san and my former sister, Tendou Aki-chan. Lock aren’t with me now, yet we used to live with each other for a while after your summoning.」

Rio divulged Aki’s and Miharu’s existence in this world and what had happened.

「Living… Together.」

Latifa stiffened slightly together she muttered, expression significantly surprised.

「I met lock by chance once they had just been summoned to this world. So, I decided to protect them and also take treatment of them due to the fact that they can not speak the language of this world. And also I ongoing to do so until they reunite with their friends, who additionally got summoned together the hero in another place.」

「Then… go those human being leave onii-chan after castle were reunited with your hero friends?」


Rio nodded tenderness at Latifa’s indignant question.

「… go those civilization just leave like that? go they know around onii-chan’s previous life?」

「… No, before I left, I had told castle the matter concerning my previous life.」

What he didn’t divulge to Latifa to be the truth that he did so with a letter. That simply had actually no courage come tell lock the truth face-to-face, so… at this point, Rio’s expression got heavier and also gloomier by every passing second.

「Why walk they leaving after they understand of your previous life?!」

Latifa asked as her expression twisted through confusion and hidden resentment.

「… i don’t know.」

Rio uttered, expression troubled and also down.

「Onii-chan… friend love your childhood friend, am ns right? and also onii-chan’s childhood friend must love friend too, right? together for the girl referred to as Aki-chan… she was your little sister, am ns right? Then, shouldn’t they be more…?」

Latifa threw question after concern at Rio to the suggest it practically overwhelmed him.

「… That’s already a matter of my previous life.」

The tone of utter resignation he had when he spoke was as if that had offered up. As if he to be saying that Miharu no love him anymore.

「… Lies. This is simply my feeling, but… onii-chan feels choose he’s to run away.」

Latifa in which method realized that Rio was dodging this topic, so she pouted as she ruthlessly revealed Rio’s cowardice. Back she herself understood that her big brother, the human she looked up to the most, would never lie to her… she also understood that at time he wouldn’t be able to tell her the truth.


Although, every these while, Rio to be trying to gloss over the situation with a smile, Latifa’s words this time pierced the in the heart. And he to be at a loss of words.

「Does that childhood girlfriend of your no longer love you, onii-chan?」

Latifa continued with she piercing questions.

「Maybe. She has actually a friend after all.」

Rio claimed as an awkward and pained smile crossed his face.

「… Is her love because that her friend deeper 보다 her love because that you, onii-chan?」


「Weren’t girlfriend in love with your childhood friend, onii-chan? have actually you confessed your love to her properly? room you walking to give up similar to that? 」

Once again, Latifa ongoing questioning Rio. Return her questions hurted Rio, that was noticeable to him the she was only doing so due to the fact that she worried around him. Thus, the tried his finest to guarantee her.

「I… Love her. Not just as Amakawa Haruto, but additionally as Rio. That’s why even if I’m no Amakawa Haruto anymore, ns feel the I had to phone call her around this feeling.」


Latifa gasped once she heard Rio’s love because that Miharu indigenous the human being himself. Although she had currently had one inkling around his feelings for Miharu, it to be still different somehow once she got verbal confirmation about the fact.

「Did friend confess come her?」

「I confessed…. Maybe?」

Rio nodded through a wry smile. However, the questioning tone he provided at the finish of his sentence incensed Latifa. She felt together if Rio to be dodging her question and also refusing to give a suitable reply.

「Are you comment me or questioning me?」

Latifa demanded with a tilted head. She was absolutely not persuaded with Rio’s weak reply that was filled through uncertainty.

「Which one execute you think…?」

Even despite he remained in love v Miharu, he had never thought he had actually the right to love her or anyone else. Specifically in this life whereby he was just an empty covering whose life function was revenge.


Latifa pouted, dissatisfied v Rio’s reply. Not only did he no answer she prior concern properly, he additionally replied v an even more puzzling answer when she pressed him. Thus, her current expression.

「The prize doesn’t issue anymore since both Miharu-san and Aki-chan dislike me. They had actually chosen to leaving me and also go come Saint Stella kingdom after ~ all.」

Once more, Rio smiled as if he to be saying it wasn’t a large deal to him. It was together if that had already predicted the answer and also had lost hope that it could be different. No, that was more like the had already given increase from the an extremely beginning.

「Why go they hate you, onii-chan? aren’t you your benefactor? Why then space they so cruel to you?!」

Latifa asked together bloodlust almost oozed from her every word.

「That matter has actually nothing to carry out with me being your benefactor. I have no ideal to tie them come me v such reason.」

Rio responded as he closed his eyes. His voice to be calm from the start until the end as if it to be something totally unrelated come him.


Seeing him like that, Latifa finished up elevating her voice in protest. She was unable to keep her patience at the regarded injustice to she beloved brother.

「Latifa, the doesn’t matter. I didn’t want to leaving this matter hanging forever. And although i have constantly been dithering about this matter, ns was likewise impatient to recognize her answer. Despite that finished up disastrously since I can not summon my courage in the last minute.」

Rio recalled his previous life’s impatience with a wry smile prior to shaking that assumed off.

「In any kind of case, i feel far better now since I ultimately know her answer.」

Yes, the was what he truly felt in ~ this moment. Although world might think he was simply being a coward and running away from his problem, that was fine by him. Due to the fact that he himself additionally thought he was a coward. The issue of cowardice aside, he important felt relieved though due to the fact that he finally regulated to break totally free from the past that had always chained him.

And originally, due to the fact that he had left every his past behind, that planned come widen his distance v the others. However――

――You space someone who has actually never truly loved others. The kind of scum that looks under on others’ great will.

Shin’s words rang in his psychic again, stabbing deep into his heart and also made that reconsider his plan. The realized the although the couldn’t readjust his means of life that easily, the didn’t mean that he have to avoid those who display goodwill come him. In any type of case, he can start tiny by continuing to be a tiny longer by Latifa’s side.


Latifa looked in ~ her brothers sadly, can not to find a indigenous to lull him in spite of wanting to.

「Besides… it might be the possibility for me to begin anew. And also though it could be also late for me to say this… ns going to collection aside my revenge and also its aftermath from currently on and also stay v you because that awhile. So, I can spend time acquiring closer come you, Latifa.」

Despite having no clear understanding of how much various other people care for him, Rio nonetheless was trying come reach out now. Thus, that summoned every his courage to say those words. He to be done to run away indigenous others due to the fact that of fear.


Latifa ended up being astounded in ~ his brother’s newest resolve. She had actually never expected this from him at all.

「Up until now, ns was simply a useless brother who hardly ever visited his little sister. However can i still remain with you, Latifa? I know that asking this will certainly disqualify me as a an excellent brother. Nevertheless, i still must know.」

Rio required himself to continue speaking, after asking such a daunting question, through a timid voice. He was bracing for rejection. However, contrary to his expectation and fear, Latifa’s expression together she stood up from her chair was totally different native what that envisaged.

「W-What are you questioning about!? Of course you’re a an excellent big brother! You’re definitely the the furthest from what human being call as useless brother!」

「… Thanks, Latifa.」

Rio jumped contempt at Latifa’s reaction and also her proclamation prior to he smiled bashfully, glad that Latifa no think lowly the him.

「No, it’s me who must say that. After all, onii-chan is the reason why I can live my current life.」

Latifa claimed, expression vexed since she thought she had failed to properly convey her feelings and also her gratitude because that Rio’s presence. Seeing her expression, Rio gently patted she head, make the efforts his ideal to soothe her emotion. At the moment, Latifa suddenly looked in ~ him through upturned moist eyes.

「DO you have something to carry out tomorrow? … I’ll accompany you where you desire to go to tomorrow, how’s that?」

Although he can end increase exhausted because of his popularity, that still said it ―― while knowing the threat ―― come cheer up his small sister.

「… Really?」

Latifa asked through a tilted head, she eyes brightening slightly at Rio’s words.


Rio nodded again, do Latifa perked up in excitement.

「Then, let’s walk to the place! The location where onii-chan said me around your ahead life. And while we’re at it, stop treat it favor a picnic!」

Latifa requested with really bright laugh that might light up the room on her face.

◇ ◇ ◇

Meanwhile, at a specific place in the southeast of Strahl Region, in Saint Stella Kingdom, the 1st princess was encountering a dilemma. Within her exclusive room, Lilyana Saint Stella to be looking under at the letter in her hands with a gloomy expression.

Before her, on optimal of the desk, to adjust the dictionary she had borrowed from Miharu.


And for fairly some time, she was silent, deep in thought. She might not even realize exactly how much time had actually passed ever since she ordered Frill to was standing by in prior of her and also kept anyone native entering her room.

But she payment no heed come that together her existing mood to be the worst it had actually ever been in her life. It was so bad, it couldn’t worsen anymore. And the reason was the letter in she hands and also its content. She to be tormented by guilt come the allude that she can not tell those what. As soon as she came back to she senses, she check out the letter again and also again to make sure that she no make any mistake through her translation.

Unfortunately―― She didn’t make any kind of mistake.

Although deep inside she knew she no make any kind of mistakes, she desperately wished that she had actually made some mistakes come assuage her guilt. However, truth was cruel.

She had actually checked the dictionaries countless times. And she had likewise indirectly consulted v Miharu as soon as there’s miscellaneous she couldn’t understand. Moreover, she also re-read the letter she had transcribed herself till she shed count, however the end result was the same.

In fact, as her proficiency with the language increased greater and greater to the point of practically reaching perfection, she realized that she hadn’t misread the content. Thus, after gift in rejection for part time, she ultimately returned to reality and also took a deep breath.

She realized the she had to challenge this reality. Moreover, she realized she couldn’t save this matter concealed for a lengthy time because they were usually on their method to damage as that was. In fact, castle had practically ran the end of time to fix this.

This hidden mystery that might lug ruin come something beautiful. Anyway, this mystery was bound to be found sooner or later, and sent them to the worst the the worst end. Thus, rather than doing nothing to stop that kind of tragic end――、

「… The one in the dorn turned out to be you…」

Lilyana muttered together extremely complicated feelings crossed she face. And she asked herself.

What must I do as a royalty?

Is this the appropriate thing to perform as a royalty?

She pondered for quite a long time end the appropriate course of plot over and over again till she hit her limit. And a when later, she stood up from the sofa and opened the door leading in the direction of the corridor. Standing external were her escort knight, Hilda, and her an individual maid, Frill.


Lilyana called out the name of among the couple of people she might put her trust on.


Frill responded quickly as she looked in ~ Lilyana, anxiously awaiting her order. Just as she wondered what type of stimulate her understand wanted to provide to her, Lilyana’s voice put her hike mind at rest.

「Please speak to Miharu-san.」

Lilyana bespeak Frill to lug Miharu to she room.


Receiving her order, Frill bowed once prior to she turned around and also left to contact Miharu.

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「Hilda, please carry out not permit anyone come this room except for Miharu-san.」


After Hilda bowed come Lilyana respectfully and also acknowledged her order, Lilyana went back to her room. And also this time, she didn’t sit under on she sofa again. Instead, she stood still in the middle of her room with a distant look on her eyes.