by Ervin Taylor, July 19, 2015: below is a collection of observations and reflections overheard and also observed based on actions take away at and also statements made by Adventist denominational leaders and also others throughout the 2015 mountain Antonio general Conference that Seventh-day Adventists.

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1. “An Adventist basic Conference session combines elements of an ecclesiastical council, three-ring circus, rebirth meeting, politics convention, sales pep rally, bazaar, family reunion, and also reaffirmation rituals lugged out in vivid costumes.”

2. “The voting brought out at these sessions represents the working out of a reaction from previous Adventist missionary soil in the global South paying ago the homelands the the Adventist worldwide North because that 150 year of evangelistic, medical, and educational efforts.”

3. “Despite the numerous negatives that surface ar at the GC session, the reports of occupational of ADRA in countless parts of the world and the verity of the report of the research at the Adventist wellness Study provide evidence that many positives and also much good can, under part conditions, be lugged out through some working within the Adventist denominational structure.”

4. “Some Adventist priest seem to fear a an enig ballot as much as other Adventists are afraid the an enig rapture.”

5. “The modification Adventist denominational statement concerning the nature of Creation method that, for the services of consistency, corporate Adventism may, in the future, declare that the old Hebrew understanding that the planet is level may well end up being Adventist Church doctrine.”

6. “When you to visit an Adventist general Conference session, you space presented with evidence that, in some modern-day denominations, the heart of the Middle ages can be maintained and also the knowledge can it is in prevented indigenous intruding.”

7. “Institutional Adventism has created a special Adventist variation of good news Christian Fundamentalism i m sorry denies the Adventism is Fundamentalist when embracing every one of the aspects of historic Fundamentalism.”

8. “Those the opposite the ordination of females to the Adventist ministry require to number a method to say with a straight confront that the female Adventist prophetess was no a human being woman but a distinct creature endowed v superhuman qualities that transcend gender.”

9. “By the action voted in ~ the basic Conference session, the Adventist world Church has demonstrated that it is itself irregularity not just in the modern world but also in contemporary first World Adventism in the same means that a company that manufactures buggy whips would certainly be taken into consideration irrelevant in a modern-day economy.”

10. “The statements of the present General Conference president reaffirm the accuracy that a dictum of a human being War II German political figure to the impact that if you say points that may not it is in true a sufficient variety of times, those things end up being true to your hearers.”

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“8. “Those the opposite the ordination of females to the Adventist ministry need to figure a method to say v a straight challenge that the mrs Adventist prophetess was not a human woman but a special creature endowed with superhuman features that transcend gender.”

While plenty of things you have actually observed have some credibility, to conclude that due to the fact that EGW to be a prophet, this way she is ipso facto standard to organize some church office.

The reality is Dr. Taylor, that God self ordains a prophet, and also the church has actually nothing to carry out with it. And also whether the church will certainly accept the prophet or not, will not affirm or negate the prophets ministry.

In plenty of cases, the church never accepted the prophet. And also even once it did, it went to no special effort in some ordination ceremony come affirm their acceptance. Such as Elijah, john the Baptist, Jeremiah, and the list is endless. For this reason you develop a false dilemma through assuming the a prophet is ordained by the church.

The church ordains men who qualified scripturally come hold specific offices of ministry and administration and the church walk the ordaining, not God. And Jesus said, “Whatever the church walk on earth that is in harmony through God’s will, is identified in heaven.”

God affirms the actions of the church when those actions space in harmony with His will. No must ordain a prophet, God go that.


Bill: “The reality is Dr. Taylor, that God self ordains a prophet, and the church has actually nothing to perform with it. And also whether the church will certainly accept the prophet or not, will certainly not affirm or negate the prophets ministry.”

Totally agree v you Bill. Ns agree even if the bible expects all elders come be male (even despite the SDA Church already permits ordained woman elders) this does no preclude God from picking Himself female prophets.

But my basic question is: walk God only select female prophets, or does he or can He additionally choose females to other forms of spiritual leadership? Paul tells united state God chooses human being to a selection of spirituality roles:

“The presents he offered were the some would be apostles, part prophets, some evangelists, part pastors and teachers, come equip the saints for the work-related of ministry, for structure up the body of Christ.” (Eph. 4:11-12)

One will note prophets aren’t even first on the list! as for apostles, keep in mind God made decision Matthais as one of the Twelve directly through too many (the beginning of words clergy in Greek) (Acts 1:17,26). This is in comparison to the seven who were chosen by hand (cheirotoneo or χειροτονέω, acts 14:23; 2 Cor. 8:19). Paul an in similar way makes it clear that the validity the his ministry is not dependent top top the commissioning of any human government (Gal. 1:1; 2 Cor. 11:5).

And wasn’t mar Magdalene the an initial apostle? She wasn’t in the Twelve, but neither to be Paul or Barnabas, who were apostle nonetheless.


Adventists are not an excellent losers. Let me say for the document that i am 110% in favor of women’s ordination. Ns owe a good deal to the ladies of this church. Mine ministry contains a expectations of thirty-five years together a Pastor, Educator, Chaplain and Chaplain Educator. I’ve had actually the pleasure of presenting many candidates for chaplaincy certification that were ordained and also enthusiastically endorsed by their denominations. It to be embarrassing when so many Adventist ladies were discouraged through teachers and leaders from becoming pastors, chaplains, and also serving in a range of roles due to the fact that they might not count on the complete support of your church. Ladies are an especially adept in ~ ministry and also there is NO factor WHY us CANNOT ORDAIN THEM!My mother who taught me to respect and also learn from females mentors i am an extremely grateful for the iconic and wise women that mentored me in ministry and also leadership. Madelyn Haldeman, Ruth Murdoch, Leona Running, Heidwig Jemison, and many others. My Mom also taught me about losing gracefully. Shedding hurts! I’m constantly blown away by how much can be learned just by living and experiencing. Lot of life is what us make the — to be in the position to preserve autonomy end the definition of our existence and also experiences is a privilege to be cherished and also not squandered. We can find worthiness in the lows, tand in losing. To win is easier, the feels better! We lost in san Antonio currently let’s focus on winning at home and most important in our lives! No car desanimes!


#1 is undeniable by anyone who has actually attended a GC session. I went to St. Louis 10 years ago. I come away through the feeling I simply attended a Democrat or Republican convention. It was the just one I ever attended, and probably the only one i will ever attend.

I thought about Texas due to the fact that I live in the KC area. Yet had various other things come do and don’t yes, really regret not having gone.

Many that you hate to watch the church trying to safeguard itself by the word of God. The is the liberal view. I hate to watch the church do the efforts to protect itself external the word of God.

At any type of rate, because that me, national politics now dominate as the key agenda and also unity is an ext important 보다 truth. Even if it is you room liberal or conservative, that is obvious that unit transcends any other consideration.

I to be reminded that the Jews who eliminated Jesus because that the services of this agenda. And who doesn’t understand that Rome holds the church over any various other consideration.

I favor (4) the best.

I think (9) is the best piece of rash (or pick a stronger expletive if you wish) in this article. The human being is much bigger than the Left coastline of the USA. Over there are countless parts the the people where the SDA church remains very relevant. Just since I don’t like specific actions the some person or entity, does no render lock irrelevant. This is a rather childish setting of reasoning. Or perhaps another manifestation (10)? over there is a situation to it is in made the it take away one to recognize one 8-).

In the end, i think most people know nothing substancial was really accomplished. If you supported male headship, there was nothing to yes, really affirm a decision in favor of it. If you supported WO, it was equally apparent that you can just walk on with service as usual. And this is what will continue to take place for noticeable reasons.

The GC have the right to not self-control themselves, permit alone any type of other management under them. And as that is in civil government, those who have the right to not self-control themselves are not qualified come govern anyone else. And also this applies to any and also all forms of government. Parents who have the right to not govern themselves are certainly not fit to govern their children.

True government always starts through self government. So, just how does church federal government on every level stack as much as this test? How around a F-. The corruption in the Jewish nation at the coming of Christ, and the corruption of Christanity in the Catholic church, is now transcended by the corruption in the SDA denomination.

And ns attribute around 99% that the reason of this condition to the Pluralism embraced by the church around 50 year ago. The theory of unity adopted by part idea the “unconditional choice of the church” gendered a spirit that ignored self federal government as lengthy as friend were loyal to the church. The same spirit that governed the Jews and Rome.

But as a Protestant, i still believe God can and will produce a neighborhood of loyalty who organize the bible above every other consideration.

“The corruption in the Jewish nation at the coming of Christ, and also the corruption that Christanity in the Catholic church, is currently transcended by the corruption in the SDA denomination.”

Hyperbole. Utter hyperbole.

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Corruption in the SDA church pales in comparison to the elsewhere. And ironically over there is a fair case to be made that corruption within the SDA church is possibly more prevalent in some components of the human being that case to it is in the many “authentic” doctrinally. Us live in a corruption world and also are no immune come its ills.