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If you didn’t guess from the episode’s title, this week’s Food Wars, was all around a declaration of war between the remaining rebels and also the elite 10.

Japanese original Episode Title: 宣戦布告


All the rebels other than Soma, Erina, Megumi, and Takumi have actually lost their matches versus the upstream 10 and also have been expelled. After offering it a lot of thinking, they determined that the only method to assist their friends and also overturn the situation would be if they difficulty them come a team Shokugeki to win their seats. The only trouble is the they don’t have actually something to market to Azami in bespeak to expropriate the challenge. Then miraculously, Joichiro and also Senzaemon arrive and also propose the team Shokugeki called a Regiment de Cuisine. Joichiro additionally suggests that if his team loses he would join Central. Azami is thrilled by his offer and also accepts the challenge. Quickly after, Joichiro, Sanzaemon, and Dojima take Soma and his friends come personally train them and coach castle by having a 3vs3 cooking match. While the dish that they are contending for is called Hachis Parmentier and is rather straightforward to make, both Joichiro and also Dojima take various steps from the initial recipe to further test anyone skills. In enhancement to that, they make up an additional demanding rule of not permitting anyone come speak v each various other as they cook.

Episode Highlights

Joichiro is hot: I could have stated it prior to but Soma’s dad is for this reason badass and also good-looking. If only Soma could have taken some of his looks and also not only aspects of his childish personality, he would have actually been complete.

Battle imagery opening: I median by currently I to be well aware of the truth that this present is a. Method too extra and b. Constantly in search of an opportunity to throw some underage tits in our face but the opened of this illustration was just… it s okay so you shed a match and also this demands to be depicted by everyone wearing ripped battle clothing… What the frack am ns watching?

Run choose a girl: Erina’s running in the corridor made me think of the soap advertisement of ‘running prefer a girl’. Females don’t run favor this. Nobody does.

Different plotlines: Let me just repeat myself here and also say ns would totally watch a show where the rebels went like ‘frack this shit’ and also left the school voluntarily, doing their own thing.

Saiba and Dojima: These 2 look like there will certainly be lots of fun. It will certainly be exciting to see just how their partnership will grow.

Soma and Erina: I really favored the scene of them reading each other’s thoughts on their memo pads.

Themes & Trivia

Hachis Parmentier: Basically the a more complicated version of head or shepherd’s pie. The dish is named after Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a French pharmacist who, in the so late 18th century, was instrumental in the promo of the potato as an edible crop. Words ‘hachis’ means a dish in i beg your pardon the ingredients are chopped or minced, from the exact same root together the English word ‘hatchet.’


The stare in this episode was rather interesting… whatever felt like it was on rapid forward (nothing new there) and also there wasn’t also a minute because that the viewer to procedure what is happening. Generally the whole buildup was so rushed that i honestly thought that the video clip was playing in dual speed.

So castle are having actually a food battle on a train? and the train has all type of spices, ingredients, and equipment because that them? Yes, yes this makes so lot sense!

Stop messing up mine hair

It seems choose that is just what Soma says to his dad every time they gain into one argument. Their partnership as father and also son is so amusing to watch.

NEXT TIME: Erina’s Diligent research studies

Food Wars! The 3rd Plate

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