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Rick Ross Pears describes a series of photoshopped parodies and also Vine remix videos inspired by the quote"I eat pears and shit choose that" originally said by the American hip hop artist if talking about his current weight-loss efforts throughout an interview with Tim Westwood in 2014.


The interview with Rick Ross was performed by English DJ and TV presenter Tim Westwood in the backstage during the rapper"s European tourism concert in Camden, London on might 18th, 2014. In the interview, Ross addressed different ways in i m sorry he has actually been trying to lose his weight, consisting of his self-branded fitness regime RossFit, a spin-off that the popular Crossfit regimen, yet most notably, that highlighted eating pears as his main adjust in diet habits. On might 21st, the clip was ultimately uploaded come Tim Westwood"s YouTube channel (shown below).

On October 18th, 2014, Vine user Willyjoy posted a video clip clip highlighting stack Ross" quote "i eat pears and also shit prefer that, shoutout to every the pears" indigenous the interview, racking up more than 24.1 million views, 218,100 likes and 180,900 shares in the following two months. That exact same day, Willyjoy"s Vine clip to be re-uploaded as a video by Spencer Mutsch to YouTube,<2> wherein it gathered virtually 540,000 views and 3,731 likes within the exact same time period. Meanwhile, Tim Westwood"s initial interview video clip also attracted several hundreds of thousands of see on piggyback through the popular of the Vine clip.

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Following the famous takeoff that the quote in October 2014, a variety of parody videos began to surface under the hashtags #RickRoss and #Pears, plenty of of i m sorry sampled Ross" enunciation of words "pear" and also the memorable quote "shoutout to all the pears," along with fitting tunes of popular hip hop songs. ~ above November 9th, YouTuber Dirkaz post a trap-themed remix special Ross" price quotes from the interview (shown below), followed by BuzzFeed"s compilation<3> of significant remixes in a write-up titled "People Can’t avoid Making Vines about Rick Ross eating Pears" and published ~ above November 11th.

On November 12th, Vine trends Compilations emphasize a video compilation that "Rick Ross Pears" clips on their YouTube channel, whereby it garnered more than 640,000 views in simply over a month (shown below, right. Top top November 25th, yet one more compilation of "Rick Ross Pears" Vine clips to be submitted to YouTube through Vine fads (shown below, right)