Hello and welcome to another vocaloild analysis! Today"s song is a song by suzumu and also I don"t feel choose typing the entire title of the tune so let"s go!

This track tell a sex-related tale of a renowned idol (Len that courses) the "falls in love" through a pan (rin). Idols space not permitted to autumn in love since if a fan finds out, it will be a sign that the artist has actually then betrayed his or her other fan. Anyway the couple then have actually SMEX v no respect. An interpretation that Len is manipulating rin to it is in his forever sex slave.

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I think this song defines how artists this particular day don"t have relationships anymore. It"s simply all if the sex is good, just keep them and not truly love the human being there having sex with. Today"s culture is all around manipulation to gain a target come "love you".

Now i m really sorry this post is a tiny short I"ll shot and do an additional one today however the lyrics room really 18+. But it"s tho catchy.

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Well expect you guys have actually a happy holiday(s) and see you next time! bye bye!

【Kagamine Len and Rin】Sincerity Nature: Drastic procedures of Ignorance PV【English Subs】

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