ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WTVD) -- The lamp flash as music echoes off the brightly painted walls inside Sky-Vue Skateland in Rocky Mount.

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Denise Watkins, in addition to her brother, currently own the family-friendly company which originally opened up in September the 1958 by your father."My father told me the while the was structure the facility, he would skate roughly the dining room table do the efforts to find out how," Watkins said.
This year, the company is celebrating 60 years.Looking back, Watkins claimed her dad would grow from someone who couldn"t skate come a talented dancer top top wheels."I don"t recall a time once I didn"t know just how to skate," Watkins said.

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Through the years, she and also her father would skate together."I understand I look favor a small fella, but actually the is myself skating through my dad," Watkins stated while pointing in ~ a picture.For this skater, the rink is not simply a passion, yet a way to socialize."I constantly thought the roller skating together really the original social network," Watkins said.And it additionally may it is in the ar for love because she said countless couples met at her parent"s rink, including Glen and Sharon.The rink has become a memory that is etched so deep within of Sharon"s mind, that in spite of her dementia, she call this she happy place.
The rink is a place that second, third, and also now fourth generations, Watkins stated have come to love, a ar where some have come into their own."This young gentleman is Bobby Rose," Watkins claimed while holding increase a photograph. "He is now 45-years-old, yet Bobby first came right here when was around 12-years-old."Rose has cerebral palsy, however that didn"t keep him from learning to skate.Watkins newspaper article revealed Rose had once carry out a complicated maneuver called "Shoot the Duck.""When he come out here, the felt prefer this was king for him," Watkins said. "And that was."Sky-Vue Skateland is has actually invited the general public out to celebrate the 60 year celebration
on Sunday, Oct. 14 native 2-5 p.m.



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