Experience infinite freedom, or uncover the secrets of the cosmos with much more than 30 hrs of story.

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Our 2.0 upgrade adds even much more depth and also features and also brings every the strands the No Man’s Sky right into a cohesive whole.


In an unlimited universe

Be the first to soil on beautiful, unknown planets teeming with life. Endure hazardous environments, whereby alien human beings seek your fortune and also outlaws take it through force.




Base building, anywhere, on any planet

Team increase to develop anything from tiny outposts to complex multi-planet colonies. Farm for resources, hire helpers, or build a mobile basic in her freighter.




Explore, Build and also Survive Together

Experience up to 32 player multiplayer once you summon the social hub, the room Anomaly, from anywhere in the universe. Type a group, walk on inter-galactic goals together or visit every other’s bases.




Join the intergalactic neighbourhood

Join one of the thriving community Galactic Hubs, wherein you and like-minded tourists can develop a new frontier.

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check out the Galactic Atlas




No Man’s sky represents a constantly growing experience

No Man’s sky is continuously evolving with significant updates i beg your pardon grow and expand the universe with brand-new ways to play.


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