When the was recently revealed that you won’t be able to attack kids in upcoming dystopian RPG Cyberpunk 2077, some human being were rapid to indicate that sooner or later a mod could arrive come get roughly this, à la the Immersive children mod because that Skyrim. However, the looks choose one creator is spring to shot a different approach and get the youngsters of Skyrim fighting back. A Skyrim mod now allows you beat as kids – v the Dragonborn’s ability to shoot fire spells from your hands, and everything.

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The Race mod 1.1 by creator KaitiSans at Nexus mods “adds youngsters as a playable race” come the game, and “so much the playable kids races room the Nords, Imperials, and the Bretons.” Plus, based upon comments through the creator ~ above the mod’s page, you’ll additionally get to pick whether come play together a girl or a boy.

Donning armour, wielding some very heavy weapons, and venturing the end to handle the fire- and also frost-breathing dragons of Skyrim don’t exactly sound like suitable tasks for a little ‘un, yet judging by the mod’s pictures, it looks like the Dovah-kids can more than handle themselves. One photo shows a female child Dragonborn blasting what looks choose the flames destruction spell out of she hands. That would certainly surely leaving a few bandits running scared.

If you’re crawl to try out the mode for yourself, head over to Nexus mode to download it. The mod also includes “the subspecies that the khajiit – the Ohmes-raht” come your game as a playable gyeongju option.

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It looks favor Grelod the sort isn’t the just one who’s walking to have to watch her earlier from errant younglings from currently on.

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Published: Jul 23, 2019

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