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The coolest and also coldest artifact provides its return to Skyrim: including Ice blade of the Monarch, Krahvalok (Dagger) and Apotheosis (Staff). High quality models and also textures obtainable at 4k and also 2k. Lorefriendly search for obtaining the items. Unique custom enchantments in the weapons.

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Mod nameNotes
Artifacts - ice Blade that The monarch - spolszczenie (Polish translation)
Artifacts - The ice Blade the the monarch (RU Translation)
Artifacts - The ice Blade the the monarch - Turkish Translationv2.6 sürümüne göre çevrilmiştir.
Artifacts - The ice cream Blade that the king GermanDas Original
Artifacts - The ice Blade the the monarch Traduzione Italiana
Chillrend and also Ice tongue of the king Audio pest Fix
Chinese Localisation that FrankFamily"s artifacts Series
Complete Replica Fixes for tradition of the DragonbornOnly for the appropriate patch
FrankFamily Artifacts-MLU Patch
Know Your opponent Redux - growth PatchesCompatibility spot available
Weightless mode that you not want

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TurkishAuthor: kagitmiadamArtifacts - The ice Blade the the king - Turkish Translation
PolishAuthor: Johnny4M3TArtifacts - ice cream Blade that The monarch - spolszczenie (Polish translation)
SpanishAuthor: eslizonArtifacts - The ice cream Blade the The monarch - Spanish Translation
GermanAuthor: FrankFamily --- translate into ProfKnibbleArtifacts - The ice cream Blade that the monarch German
ItalianAuthor: Varil92Artifacts - The ice cream Blade of the monarch Traduzione Italiana
RussianAuthor: ivan101 aka AdsumusArtifacts - The ice cream Blade the the king (RU Translation)
RussianAuthor: Froloff007Russian translate in for artifacts - The ice Blade the The Monarch

Removed healing spells indigenous Theldyn Terano and increased time between teleportation come avoid endless fights.
- added tempering recipes because that unenchanted replicas- last journal now doesn"t assume male character and also fixed a typo- Map no much longer a pursuit item- Theldyn Terano"s outfit currently shouldn"t readjust when teleporting- Remade Krahvalok"s death tracking system- enhanced lighting in ice Blade"s resting place

Version 2.2

Fix for Krahvalok"s unreliable soul absorption.

Version 2.1

- brand-new Frost king model.- slow glowing runes animation.- improved enchantment impact shader.- Unenchanted craftable replica the the sword.- changed sword textures.- enhanced enchantment uses.- Tilted ice Blade 2H inventory model.

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The ice Blade of The Monarch"The Ice blade of the Monarch is truly one of Tamriel"s most prized artifacts. Legend has actually it the the angry Archmage Almion Celmo enchanted the claymore of a great warrior with the heart of a Frost Monarch, a stronger kind of the an ext common Frost Atronach. The warrior, Thurgnarr Assi, to be to play a component in the assassination of a an excellent king in a much off land, and become the new leader. The assassination failed and also the Archmage was imprisoned. The ice Blade freezes all that feel that blade. The tongue circulates native owner to owner, never ever settling in one location for long. —Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore"On this adventure friend will acquire your hand on the artifact The ice Blade of The Monarch, a legendary frost enchanted sword that unlocks the power to summon a Frost Monarch. Friend will additionally find a stalhrim dagger through the name Krahvalok (Ice-Guardian) and a an effective ebony staff, Apotheosis. Every little thing is obtained through a quest that deserve to be began by traveling to the camp in Pilgrim"s Trench, from over there you will have to confront some powerful enemies and also use a map to find the ice Blade.The knife is available in both two-handed and one-handed versions, every items are balanced to to the right in the game as late-game equipment and also can it is in tempered (daedric smithing because that the ice cream Blade, Ebony smithing because that Krahvalok). Crafting that unenchanted replicas of the tools is easily accessible while having the compelled perk and also the original item in inventory. The quest has actually been playtested extensively by me, yet if you conference any pest do tell and also I"ll settle it. In the imaginative department, all models and textures were closely crafted native scratch, any feedback girlfriend can administer is appreciated.