Well known as a literary prism through which much great written work has been filtered into his vivid, lurid spectrum, Marilyn Manson incorporates one really obvious affect on… check out More 
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The person wheel, that force unseenThe offspring of a deathless soulCan hew away to any type of goalThe wall surfaces of granite interveneBe no in patience delay, butWait together one that understandsWhen heart rises and also demandsThe gods are all set to obeyTake my money choose an ugly beeCovered in my honey, also dumb to seeMy Fibonacci blinded by your jealousyI'm happy to pull my veins out and braid a ropeI don't need hope to know that you'd die slowI'm happy to traction my veins out and braid a ropeI don't need hope to understand that you'd dice slowYou space what you beat, yeahYou room what friend beat, yeahAnd then us met ours brand brand-new parentsBut they didn't understand it yetSo we chanted, "WED, WED, WED!"But castle didn't understand they to be deadDidn't recognize they to be dead
Then the witch tied she fruit come a stickWhen our coin to be looking also thinIt's favor a winter in Hades, we drooled for the ladiesAs if the apple was owned through GodSlave never desires to be freeSlave only dreams to it is in KingSlave never desires to it is in freeSlave only desires to be King
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Well recognized as a literature prism v which much great written work has been filtered into his vivid, lurid spectrum, Marilyn Manson incorporates one an extremely obvious affect on this album, many notably with “Slave Only dreams to it is in King” – namely, Oscar Wilde.

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“Slave” reads an extremely much like one of Manson’s intense desires had when falling asleep through a volume ~ above his chest; in this case, the volume lay open up to “Star Child” by Oscar Wilde. The imagery and task in the story analyze well come Manson’s commonly lurid imagination:

The beatings take away by the servant (once a king in his own mind, destined to be crowned again, but beaten by one who he would take into consideration worthless were he no condemned come the exact same destitution);

Wilde’s “cloak of gold tissue curiously wrought through stars” transmorphed by Manson right into Fibonacci’s golden spiral, the bees (trapped in honey) scattered throughout the towel at the gold ratio’s intersections room Wilde’s stars sewn throughout the fabric;


The beggar woman and the leper who become his “brand new parents” at the finish of the fable;

At the place of the “old and also evil-visaged man” (who provides a spelled ring of graved jasper come magically unlock his door), the pomegranate tree that spanned the enntrance gate to the Star child’s dungeon, trapping him as the apple trapped all mankind.

Manson’s dreamlike rotate casts this fable in a modern, clearly cynical light: just how would many of united state react this day if we had been the Star kid – humbled as was the boy-king, or bile awaiting our possibility to reign? If the story had actually been written by Manson with himself together each character (at least as wonderfully appalling as Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” video), this song would be the distillation.

Manson’s immersion in Wilde does not stop here, however is just put front and also center in “Slave” – transparent Pale Emperor he referrals Wilde’s works, many notably The photo of Dorian Gray in “Odds the Even” (“My dagger and swagger room useless in the face of the mirror/When the mirror is make of mine face”); Dorian Gray is likewise woven right into “Deep Six” via the reference to Narcissus who, of course, is the communication of Wilde’s Star Child.

Noting these references to Wilde’s “Dorian Gray” and “Star Child,” let’s go ago to “Slave Only desires to it is in King” because that an Ouroboros twist only Manson might conceive: Persephone’s fanatical distraction by the Narcissus flower is what resulted in her record by Hades (Verse 2), and also her subsequent consumption of the Pomegranate seeds that damned her to return to the underworld, instigating (Demeter’s) winter.

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The name of the volume in which Oscar Wilde published his “Star Child” story?

A home of Pomegranates.

“Golden Mean” fabric image courtesy: http://miniquiltproject.blogspot.com/2012/03/9-golden-mean.html