Sling TV is no doubt one amazing app with a large library that Spanish and worldwide channels. There are different plans to subscribe to Sling TV. To provide you a reference, also their highest setup is lower than YouTube TV, Hulu TV, etc. Apart from this, Sling TV is available on multiple platforms. Several of these encompass Smart TVs, Fire Stick, Roku, Android, iOS, etc.

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But all that is great and top top one side. Top top the various other side of the story, Sling TV has some issues. These are some errors within the app which show up now and also then. Well, there are countless different varieties of errors, and also so are the approaches to resolve them. So, below is the quick and specialized section because that every error code that you check out on Sling TV. V that being said, let’s gain started.

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Fix Sling TV Error codes 5-100, 10-100, 9-XXX, 8-270:

Error 5-100: 

As per the official website and also forums, this error is pertained to channels. It shows up whenever you shot to access or watch any type of channel. These networks are those either are not obtainable or not purchased by you. To examine this, you have the right to search for the ease of access of any kind of channel. Also, you can check your subscribed setup as well. If you are trying come open any unpurchased channel, then it will certainly throw the error. So, either do the acquisition or switch to an additional channel.

Error 10-100: 

Among all these error codes, this one is the most common. This is why also the methods to settle this error are common. Very first of all, you deserve to go come the house screen and also navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Sling TV. Now force stop the applications and try again. Do note that the navigating may transform depending top top the device, but the procedure remains the same.


If the did no work, then you can also clear the cache in the very same way, as discussed above. ~ above Android and iOS, this can be done in the maker settings. Also, the same is for Fire Stick, Windows, etc. Yet in the situation of apple TV, you should uninstall and install the application again. Lastly, because that Roku, go to the residence screen and press some keys on the remote. These space a home button for 5 times, navigating up once, rewind twice and fast front twice.

Finally, you have the right to reboot your device. Unplug the device, wait for a pair of minutes, plug in again and also start the device. This procedure is dubbed as cold boot and also works for numerous cases. So, just offer it a try. Lastly, for sure the network connection and status ~ above the device.

Error 9-XXX: 

These series of errors are usually related her account. So, the technique to settle them also vary from machine to device. Actually this error comes in as soon as you shot to present any video clip and the throws the error v codes such together 9-300, 9-600, etc. Thus, contact the technical assistance for better assistance.

Error 8-270: 

Lastly, error 8-270 have the right to be fixed through several of the common methods. You have the right to reinstall the Sling TV, clean the cache, remove the channel, etc. The procedure of act this may vary native the device you are using Sling TV. For instance, go to machine settings in instance of Android, iOS and TV boxes. For Roku, you have the right to press the * on remote, remove the channel and include it again.

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To conclude, this were few of the errors top top Sling TV, in addition to the techniques to settle them. Hopefully, you find this article to it is in useful. Also, if these methods did not work, climate you should contact the client support. Together they will carry out you with proper and an easy assistance. Lastly, re-superstructure this v your friends and also colleagues top top Sling TV.