If, prefer me, you have just to buy something ~ above eBay and also received the error stated above you are most likely feeling a little frustrated. Therefore, I began my pursuit for the resolution of this problem and also here is what i have found.

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1. If notified on a mobile / mobile there were reports of switching to eBay classic mode and then retrying the payment. I personally didn’t try that however went right to the 2nd supposed fix.

2. An additional solved theory stated to merely pay on one more device, which ns tried and also it didn’t work for me. I tried on mine phone, games console (PS4) and also my laptop without any type of luck.

3. This final an approach solved the error for me and I to be able to effectively pay for my item.

Please monitor the instructions listed below

Login to my Ebay review Page


In the menu on the left click personal INFORMATION or business INFORMATION depending on your account type.

Scroll down till you view ‘Checkout conserved payment methods’

Remove the card or payment technique that is there and simply repay.

IF YOU had THE Error Codes: 70245 70350 ‘Something go wrong – try to check out again’ PROBLEM and also FOUND THIS advantageous THEN please CLICK THE like BUTTON and also LEAVE A comment on WHAT functioned FOR you TO aid OTHER PEOPLE.

ALL THE BEST and also HAPPY new YEAR 2017!!!

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clubofjacks says:

I too proficient the “Something walk wrong – please try to check out again” notification. Ns tried reading, so countless ‘community’ and blog answers to correct it, however sadly nothing provided me through the answer…?

Until I ultimately went top top >My eBay > Account > personal Information > jae won Information.

I have actually an PayPal account, yet I like to pay with my credit Card. What i realised then was, mine CC details had expired and I essential to entry the new expiry and 3 ‘magic numbers’ ~ above the back of the card.

After do those changes, It took a pair of minutes for eBay come ‘confirm’ the account changes…and then i was able to begin purchasing again as usual.

While i accept, this may not it is in the answer because that everyone’s acquisition problem, it worked for me. And, don’t forget, every one of our Debit and also Credit card details are readjusted every three years.

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Following time this arises, I’ll know exactly how to exactly it.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t assumed of this sooner!? But, why five why, can’t eBay offer this as a potential reason, for ‘a problem’ if purchasing items? It’s not exactly daunting for castle to indicate it is it?