The hydrolysis of esters can be done by both acid or base catalysis, however esterification of carboxylic acids can only be done by acid catalysis. Why is this?a. We cannot make a strong enough base to perform the reaction.b. Base will ruin the product produced.c. The carboxylic acid will be deprotonated by the base and will leave an unreactivecarboxylate anion.d. The reaction can be catalyzed by base.e. none of these

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Which of the following chemicals will not react with Grignard Reagent?a. waterb. carbon dioxidec. ethyl esterd. acetonee. diethyl ether
What is the intermediate formed during the reaction of the aldehyde and the base in the firststep of the aldol condensation?a. a enolb. an aldolc. an alcohold. an enolatee. none of these
The correct order of decreasing reactivity of carboxylic acid derivatives toward nucleophiles is:a. ester > amide > acid chlorideb. amide > ester > acid chloridec. amide > acid chloride > esterd. ester > acid chloride > amidee. acid chloride > ester > amide
In order to determine whether the desired product type was produced in the Grignard Reaction,you obtained an IR spectrum. The main peak that should have been absent was atapproximately: a. 2400‐2580 cm‐1b. 3200‐3600 cm‐1c. 1700‐1720 cm‐1d. 3010‐3100 cm‐1e. Fingerprint Region
In the borohydride reduction of camphor, NaBH4 provides _______ to reduce camphor.a. H- b. H+ c. Hradicald. H2e. H2O
Which test is positive for all ketones?a. Schiff"s test b. Iodoform test c. Tollens" test d. Semicarbazone teste. none of these
To obtain the UV spectra of sunscreen ingredients, we dissolved the samples in:a. ethanolb. hexanesc. waterd. methanole. isopropyl alcohol
In general, _______ are para or ortho directors in electrophilic aromatic substitution.I. Strong electron‐donating groupsII. Strong electron‐withdrawing groupsIII. Carbonyl groupsIV. Alkyl groupsa. II and IIIb. II, III, and IVc. I and IVd. III and IVe. II only
In Peptides and Amino Acids experiment, _______ is used as a visualization indicator on the TLCplates?a. ninhydrinb. Barrit"s reagentc. Dragondorf"s reagentd. potassium permanganatee. NaCl
Which of the following polymers is a polyester comprising of identical repeating units?a. woolb. dacron 54c. cottond. creslane. nylon
The reaction of a Grignard reagent with an aldehyde produces a _______ alcohol and thereaction of a Grignard reagent with a ketone produces a _______ alcohola. primary, secondaryb. secondary, tertiaryc. primary, tertiaryd. primary, primarye. tertiary, tertiary
In comparison to LiAlH4, sodium borohydride is a _______ reducing agent that is capable ofreducing _______.a. milder; amides and carboxylic acidsb. more powerful; aldehydes, carboxylic acids, esters and amidesc. more powerful; esters, ketones and amidesd. milder, aldehydes and ketonese. a and d
Which test gives a positive result for all ketones and a negative result for all aldehydes?a. Iodoform testb. 2,4‐Dinitrophenylhydrazine testc. Schiff"s Reagentd. Tollens" Teste. none of these
In the addition of the HBr to butadiene, which product is the product of kinetic control?a. 1,4‐dibromo‐2‐butaneb. 1‐bromo‐3‐butenec. 1‐bromo‐2‐butened. 3‐bromo‐1‐butenee. 1,2‐dibromo‐3‐butene




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