Beating a Dark Souls 3 boss provides the opportunity to obtain a weapon, however some are far better than others. What room the game"s best & worst ceo weapons?

difficult boss fights and Dark Souls are identified with every other. The franchise"s significant fights and also unique settings have made for one of the most recognizable and cherished franchises in recent memory. Part of that praise originates from how plenty of ways players can topple the challenges Dark Souls presents.

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defeating the game"s hardest bosses rewards their soul, a an effective item the can approve a large sum of money or brand-new weapons and spells. These weapons are several of the most distinct in the series, however all space not developed equal. Few of these weapons space meta-defining, while others room not worth the hassle. Right here are the 7 best and also worst boss weapons players can find in Dark Souls 3.

Note: This post contains boss spoiler for Dark Souls 3.

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Updated august 4th, 2021, through Charles Burgar: Dark Souls 3 includes some the the best boss fights in the franchise. Featuring the likes of Gael and Nameless King, few games deserve to compare come the intense duels that Dark Souls 3 provides.

Those that can finest these bosses space rewarded with a boss soul, permitting players come transpose the soul into a ceo weapon. While not all ceo weapons room exceptional, each weapon"s distinct traits and also base stats need to be thought about by every Dark Souls player. This guide has to be updated to encompass weapons stats because that each entry, mentioning a weapon"s damages output, which boss the weapon is bound to, and also any unique traits the item possesses.

14 Best: Demon"s Scar

curved sword that deals pure fire damage and also can be provided as a pyromancy catalyst.

Demon"s Scar Stats

Boss Soul: Soul the the Demon Prince Attack Rating: 180 Fire Moveset: Curved sword Required Stats: Dexterity (16) | knowledge (17) | faith (17) Scaling: Dexterity (E) | intelligence (C) | confidence (C) Unique Trait: Heavy assault casts a currently selected pyromancy. Transposed indigenous the spirit of the Demon Prince, the Demon"s Scar is a curved sword made of pure flame. This weapon only deals fire damage, return it scale with 3 stats instead of simply one. To make up for this stat split, the Demon"s Scar behaves similarly to a Pyromancy Flame, capable of spreading pyromancies v its heavy attack.

utility is this weapon"s biggest strength. For only 0.5 weight, this weapon grants a suite of excellent strikes thanks to its curved sword archetype, the ability to mix increase swings with pyromancies, and also it can also serve together a solid fire shield if require be. Its damage output is certainly lacking for every various other build type in the game, yet the utility this weapon bring is hard to beat.

13 Worst: Cleric Candlestick

Dark Souls 3 Cleric

Cleric chandelier Stats

Boss Soul: Soul the the Deacons that the Deep Attack Rating: 115 physics | 126 Magic Moveset: Straight knife Required Stats: Strength (8) | Dexterity (12) | faith (12) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (D) | confidence (A) Unique Trait: Heavy strike casts a currently selected sorcery. Slaying the Deacons that the Deep enables the player to create the Cleric Candlestick, a right sword the doubles up as a staff. That sounds an excellent in theory, allowing gish builds to usage a melee weapon besides the Moonlight Greatsword. Sadly, there are so many problems with this weapon the it"s not also worth considering.

Spells actors from the Cleric Candlestick range from the player"s faith stat instead of intelligence. Strangely, the weapon scales its magic damages from intelligence and not faith. Due to the fact that faith scales the player"s spells, the fact it doesn"t affect this weapon"s damages is unfortunate. That doesn"t end there; this weapon transaction a pitiful amount of damage when it"s upgraded. Not even its weapon art have the right to save the Cleric Candlestick.

12 Best: pair Princes" Greatsword

Dark Souls 3 pair Princes Via: Moose Torrent (YouTube)

Twin Princes" Greatsword Stats

Boss Soul: Twin Princes" soul x2 (requires Lorian"s Greatsword and also Lothric"s holy Sword) Attack Rating: 230 Physical | 152 Fire Moveset: Greatsword Required Stats: Strength (22) | Dexterity (14) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (D) | intelligence (D) | faith (D) Unique Trait: Weapon art uses strikes from Lorian"s Greatsword and also Lothric"s holy Sword probably a recommendation to the Nothern Regalia knife from Demon"s Souls, the twin Princes" Greatsword is a covert boss weapon that deserve to only be derived by owning Lothric"s holy Sword and Lorian"s Greatsword. Because those weapons drop indigenous the same boss, this weapon is locked behind a brand-new Game cycle.

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after fighting this late-game ceo twice, players can take both chisels to Ludleth and have him integrate the two right into this fatal weapon. While the only has a D scaling in that stats, this weapon scale from Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith. Hybrid builds that range Intelligence and Faith as lot as Strength deserve to output a surprising amount of damages with this greatsword.

build that can scale this weapon will an alert its terrific greatsword moveset and an effective weapon art—allowing the player come send out a piercing ray of light or a tide of flame. It"s good for using pressure to targets, closing the gap, and also catching rolls. Both PvE and PvP football player can acquire a good bit that mileage out of this weapon.

11 Worst: Darkmoon Longbow Via: u/hailtheyeti (Reddit)

Darkmoon Longbow Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of Aldrich Attack Rating: 65 Physical | 80 Magic Moveset: Bow Required Stats: Strength (7) | Dexterity (16) | intelligence (10) Scaling: Dexterity (E) | intelligence (B) Unique Trait: Weapon arts infuses a readied arrow with Magic, permitting it come pierce shields The Darkmoon Longbow is Dark Souls 3"s weakest bow. Slaying Aldrich, Devourer of gods grants players access to this weapon. Statistically, the Darkmoon Bow is the worst in its class.

With just an E rating in Strength and also B in knowledge at +5, this weapon struggles to contend with also the standard short Bow unless paired v Moonlight Arrows and also its weapon art. Low base damages split between Physical and Magic makes this weapon far from ideal for most engagements. Hybrid characters and roleplay-centered builds will obtain a kick the end of this weapon, but Aldrich"s bow is a enormous disappointment considering just how solid Lifehunt Scythe is.

10 Best: Frayed Blade

player through a katana transposed native darkeater midir

Frayed Blade Stats

Boss Soul: Soul that Darkeater Midir Attack Rating: 184 Physical | 76 Dark Moveset: Katana Required Stats: Strength (11) | Dexterity (40) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (A) Unique Traits: Low durability; weapon art releases a multitude of slashes and also dark fissure strikes Transposed from the heart of Darkeater Midir, the Frayed blade is may be the strongest katana in Dark Souls 3. When it requires a chuck 40 dexterity to wield properly, it much more than provides up for it with one of the most destructive weapon art in the game.

fast slashes that extend as far as a Washing Pole along with a solid moveset are the Frayed Blade"s biggest boons. If the weren"t acquired so late in a playthrough and had better durability, the Frayed Blade would be much greater on this list. This is absolutely a reward the was precious the effort.

9 Worst: crystal Sage Rapier

Crystal Sage Rapier Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of a decision Sage Attack Rating: 100 physical | 150 Magic Moveset: Thrusting sword Required Stats: Strength (13) | Dexterity (18) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (D) | intelligence (A) Unique Trait: Increases Item discovery by 50 Crystal tools are claimed to be some that the hardest-hitting weapons in the Dark Souls franchise. Sadly, the does not organize true for the decision Sage"s Rapier. This blade transaction low damages due to its destructive scaling v Strength and Dexterity together its break-up damage types. Worse, it has a rather lackluster weapon art and also a trivial moveset.

Its greatest strength is enhancing Item discovery while equipped, yet players often tend to two-hand their off-hand weapon v this equipped exclusively for the bonus. If players aren"t interested in farming items, over there is little factor to transpose the crystal Sage"s soul.

8 Best: Wolf article Greatsword Via: Dark Souls 3 Wiki - Fextralife

Wolf items Greatsword Stats

Boss Soul: Soul the the Blood the the wolf Attack Rating: 254 Physical Moveset: Greatsword Required Stats: Strength (24) | Dexterity (18) Scaling: Strength (C) | Dexterity (C) Unique Traits: Deals 20% extra damage to Abyssal enemies; weapon arts mimics Artorias" moveset native the initial Dark Souls pendant of Sif and Artorias, the Abyss Watchers space a phenomenal fight through even far better items come transpose. Choosing in between the Farron Greatsword or wolf Knight"s Greatsword is a difficult choice. Ultimately, the wolf Knight Greatsword edges over the Abyss Watchers" signature weapon.

do not be fooled by its quite lackluster C scaling in both strength and dexterity when upgraded. The wolf Knight Greatsword has one of the many aggressive and agile movesets in the franchise.

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frequent spins and flips do this blade perfect because that outdueling foes in PvP or taking down aggressive foes in PvE. It also does 20% additional damage versus Abyssal foes, make this weapon perfect because that taking under Darkeater Midir and Aldrich.

7 Worst: Firelink Greatsword

Firelink Greatsword Stats

Boss Soul: Soul the the Lords Attack Rating: 234 Physical | 162 Fire Moveset: Greatsword Required Stats: Strength (20) | Dexterity (10) | intelligence (10) | confidence (10) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (D) Unique Trait: Weapon arts releases a heat of fire beating the last boss of Dark Souls 3 can provide the Firelink Greatsword. Wielded by the spirit of Cinder itself, this tongue is expected to be the manifestation the fire itself. Unfortunately, it doesn"t scale with knowledge nor Faith.

Strength and Dexterity don"t help, either. Even when fully upgraded, this tongue only has actually a D scaling in the stats. This weapon"s moveset is rather mean when contrasted to the contemporaries, special a bog-standard collection of swings for a usual greatsword. It can"t contend with the remainder of DS3"s excellent roster that greatswords, both in PvE and also PvP. Besides its remarkable appearance, the Firelink Greatsword is quickly the most disappointing last boss reward in the franchise.

6 Best: Vordt"s good Hammer

Vordt"s an excellent Hammer Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of Boreal valley Vordt Attack Rating: 320 Physical Moveset: Great Hammer Required Stats: Strength (30) Scaling: Strength (B) Unique Trait: Inflicts frostbite buildup because that a hammer the players can achieve within their first couple of hours, Vordt"s an excellent Hammer is just one of the the strongest two-handed tools in the game. This weapon deals great damage every swing, has a B scaling in Strength once upgraded, and that passively transaction frost damage—one the the only weapons in DS3 to do so. Inflicting sufficient frost damages will apply frostbite, removed a chunk of their HP when reducing your Stamina recovery.

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two or three hits are all the takes to activate this effect. Needless to say, it"s a complete powerhouse in PvP and also a surprisingly great weapon in PvE as soon as coupled with its Poise-enabling weapon art. It can be acquired quite at an early stage as well, which makes this among the finest early-game weapons that a player could use.

5 Worst: Valorheart

Valorheart Stats

Boss Soul: N/A; drops from Champion"s Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf Attack Rating: 210 Physical Moveset: Straight knife Required Stats: Strength (12) | Dexterity (12) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (C) Unique Trait: Has a cell phone weapon arts Valorheart"s stylish moveset is the just positive thing around this weapon. Acquired from the Champion"s Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf boss, this sword and also shield combo gives a hard amount the mobility the is attach by a couple of sword attacks. The thing is, the weapon deals practically no damage.

An strike Rating that 210 v a D scaling in Strength and also a C scaling in Dexterity is frankly terrible. Scaling this weapon"s damages output is rather difficult, also when audit for the weapon"s cell phone moveset. The shield isn"t great either, only able come absorb 60% of physics damage and 30-40% of elemental damage. It has some use breaking shield guards thanks to the weapon art"s great stamina damage, yet most players will be far better off using a bleed-infused dagger to press a turtling player.

over there is no case in PvE or PvP where this weapon shines. Valorheart is every bark with no bite.

4 Best: Gael"s Greatsword

Gael"s Greatsword Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of servant Knight Gael Attack Rating: 268 Physical Moveset: Greatsword Required Stats: Strength (19) | Dexterity (13) Scaling: Strength (C) | Dexterity (D) Unique Trait: Incredibly cell phone weapon art It appears that all the Executioner"s Greatsword required to it is in a top-tier weapon is come snap that in half. Gael"s Greatsword is a broken version the this coveted blade that has one the the the strongest weapon art in the game. The variety of rapid slashes in this view is so good that it provides the an excellent knight Artorias a operation for his money.

Solid damages compliments the good moveset as well, making it a should for any kind of greatsword enthusiasm that frequent PvE content. Gael"s Greatsword is quite predictable in PvP, however, and can conveniently be parried by a expert opponent. Usage the weapon art sparingly against other football player to prevent acquiring shut down by constant parries.

3 Worst: Dancer"s enchanted Swords

Dancer"s fascinating Swords Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of the Dancer Attack Rating: 144 Physical | 114 Magic | 114 Fire Moveset: Curved knife Required Stats: Strength (12) | Dexterity (20) | knowledge (9) | belief (9) Scaling: stamin (D) | Dexterity (D) | knowledge (D) | confidence (D) Unique Trait: Each knife has distinctive damage types curved swords are amongst the strongest weapon archetypes in Dark Souls 3, containing standards such together the Sellsword Twinblades and the Demon"s Scar. Dancer"s Enchanted chisels fall right into the same category yet absence the exact same impact, both metaphorically and literally.

Players must resolve a tongue that has actually not one or 2 damage varieties but three. This alone makes it a nightmare come use since resistances differ so wildly in PvE and also PvP, but it it s okay worse. A D scaling in every stat, even at +5, stays clear of quality or hybrid builds from do these knives truly shine. They have quite a unique and also fun moveset, however the weapon"s break-up damage seriously hurts its effectiveness. Anyone the wishes to cut their way to success is much better off v the Sellsword Twinblades instead.

2 Best: Hollowslayer Greatsword

Hollowslayer Greatsword Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of the Rotted Greatwood Attack Rating: 264 Physical Moveset: Greatsword Required Stats: Strength (14) | Dexterity (18) Scaling: Strength (D) | Dexterity (C) Unique Traits: Deals 20% bonus damage to Hollows (PvE only); fast swing rate for a greatsword take the damage of a hard-hitting greatsword and pair it through the moveset and also speed the a straight sword, and the result is the Hollowslayer Greatsword. This blade have the right to be obtained instantly after unlocking spirit Transposition.

No other greatsword has the same easy-to-use moveset and overall speed as this blade. Solid damages and good speed are more complemented by this weapon"s hyper armor with each swing, an interpretation staggers during strikes are a rare sight. Thrust strikes are particularly devastating ~ above this weapon because of this and also pair nicely with Leo"s Ring.

If the wasn"t enough, this sword likewise gains a 20% damages increase against all Hollows in PvE — a category that practically every enemy falls under. For PvE, it"s an remarkable early-game an option that scale to the endgame.

The Hollowslayer Greatsword is also a great PvP Greatsword. Its versatile moveset and fast swing rate make it an excellent weapon for dueling. When someone gets accustomed come this weapon"s moveset, they end up being a menace in PvP.

1 Worst: Repeating Crossbow

Repeating Crossbow Stats

Boss Soul: Soul of Slave article Gael Attack Rating: 228 Physical Moveset: Crossbow Required Stats: Strength (16) | Dexterity (20) Scaling: None Unique Trait: Weapon arts doesn"t should reload Those the defeat Gael have the right to either attain his greatsword or the Repeating Crossbow. If players have never checked out the Repeating Crossbow before, that is because it is quickly the worst boss weapon in the game.

A level 83 attack Rating per shot through no scaling whatsoever place the Repeating Crossbow well behind that is peers. Making use of its main fire calls for a reload as with every various other crossbow, meaning that this item"s rapid-fire nature is only completed through using its weapon arts that disables movement. In exchange for every one of these drawbacks, the weapon consumes a bolt and 13 FP v each shot to hit targets with devastating hip-fire accuracy. Aiming in this stance is beside impossible.

Drawbacks proceed with the Repeating Crossbow having a pitiful 20 Durability, the lowest in the category. Shoot this weapon for too long will break it. That requires continuous upkeep come repair, spend ammo with every shot, and even still has too plenty of drawbacks to consider using legitimately in PvP or tough PvE encounters. In regards to fun, this weapon is among the best in the game. For practicality, however, it"s the worst.