With so plenty of cards easily accessible in southern Park call Destroyer, it’s pretty obvious that part are much better than others and also that’s precisely what we’re going come talk about today: the best cards in south Park: phone Destroyer. Ns am sure you’ll love it!

The thing around these cards is that they’re no necessarily OP (overpowered), however can supply amazing outcomes if offered at the best time. Of course, I think about some to it is in OP and I will certainly let you recognize if that’s the instance in my description of the card.

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But let’s not waste any type of time and also let’s inspect out the south Park phone call Destroyer top cards and overpowered cards that you need to use when building your deck. Ns am group them based on their theme in order to do it less complicated to navigate with the whole thing.

Best SPPD Neutral Cards



A great card v a huge range, high area of result damage. If you have the right to keep that behind various other cards because that as lengthy as possible, he will cause huge damage. Quite weak once other cards gain near him and start hitting.

Rat Swarm


One the the OP cards in the video game currently. The rats are incredibly impressive, being lethal against assassins, fighters and also tanks… basically anything but area of impact units. Their ability to cancel the attack animation of the various other cards provides them even much more valuable (and most likely the an initial to be nerfed)

Best SPPD Pirate Cards

Calamity Heidi


Costing just 2 energy, this is among the far better cards in the game. Good stats for a cheap price, plus incredibly easy to upgrade.

Storyteller Jimmy


One of mine favorites since of his Aura effects. Basically, when he’s close to opponents, he’s extremely an overwhelming to take it out. One key disadvantage is the he’s one Epic, therefore it’s a bit more daunting to update him, however he’s extremely beneficial especially early in the game.

Smuggler Ike


One the the best assassins in the video game in mine opinion due to the fact that of his damages boosts. The won’t live long, yet as long as he manages to hit when or twice through his increased attack, he’ll carry out a ton the damage.

Best SPPD Sci-fi Cards

Enforcer Jimmy

One the the finest cards in the video game at the moment, thanks to its exceptionally low price of just 2 energy. Great aura effect and also lots of health!

Alien Clyde

A actual destroyer of single units, he only gets better and far better as you get him up v the levels. One more one of mine favorites!

Best SPPD Mystic Cards

Angel Wendy

Great for keeping your troops alive and also with an extremely solid range. Must have in all decks!

Friar Jimmy

Another great healer which also heals your Kid. Extremely helpful in battle, proving that you can’t go wrong through Jimmy Cards. Pair him v a tank and also you’re getting a almost invincible team!

Zen Cartman

Probably the ideal tank in the game, coming at an exceptional price. Fast loading aura, a perfect card to have in your game!

Best SPPD Fantasy Cards

Catapult Timmy

Another card that gets much better as friend level them up. Summons Rats (whose stats get better as Timmy levels up) and also deals massive damages from a fair range. Tremendous price too, do this card among the overpowered people currently.

Stan the an excellent

True to his name, this is among the finest cards in the video game coming in ~ a short cost. Since it lowers the assault of every enemies, he’s a must have in any type of deck!

Princess Kenny

Another impressive card in the Fantasy theme. Except the high damage it deals as an assassin, its capacity to totally remove the strike damage caused by that is killer is awesome!

So these would certainly be the best cards in the video game at the minute of creating this article. Many likely, they will certainly be nerfed through future updates and other cards will certainly take their place. This is how it happens in this form of titles and also it’s part of the charm. Or not.

We have even an ext guides and also articles to aid you get far better at the game. Make certain you examine out our basic tips & tricks, and the awesome overview to win PvP battles.

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If you have actually other favorites and consider various other cards in southern Park: phone call Destroyer to it is in the best, permit us recognize by sharing her comments below.