To center unlock an HTC One Sprint variation is fairly hard and you require a the majority of knowledge and also of food patience to learn around how to do it. Sprint HTC sim unlock helper could be valuable but the procedure commonly isn’t permanent.

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However, us have found a way to center unlock all Sprint HTC One devices and also the unlock will be permanent. Even though that will occupational on any type of HTC One device, your phone have to be running on HTC sense ROMs.

If you have installed a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod or other popular ROM you have to revert ago if you want to center Unlock a acceleration HTC One device. Carry out not download a non-sense ROM after unlocking the phone since you won’t have a network.

The an initial step in the direction of the acceleration HTC One center unlock is to make sure the frequencies the the carrier you plan to use room supported through the phone. Usually, the devices that room being offered under the greatest carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and also so top top don’t support the frequencies of other carriers and in various other countries.

To examine this the end you need to discover the frequencies provided by Sprint and also make certain they are supported by other carriers.


It may occur that the phone’s frequencies don’t cover all the areas so it could lose network coverage regularly and also face troubles with the roaming guards. Users have actually reported that the newest radios block residential roaming. To solve this friend can try any that the solutions below. They will certainly downgrade the radio.

You have the right to downgrade the manually by flashing this radio document in Recovery. This is the fastest method to perform it.

On Android 4.0 and also earlier versions, the procedure was an extremely easy and those people who space still using sense 4.1.2 ROM with root accessibility can carry out it fairly simple. Just use sprint HTC One sim Unlock Helper type Play Store.

On Android 4.3 and greater the process of sim unlocking sprint HTC One devices become quite difficult. The unlocking procedure uses a document named HtcOMADM_SPCS. This document was modified on Android 4.3 for this reason the typical unlock process doesn’t work-related anymore. Anyhow there space three feasible solutions to this problem.

This technique is the longest way. Shot the two techniques below and if lock don’t work, shot this.

If you space S-OFF 보다 download Once downloaded extract the zip paper to a folder on her PC. Then boot into bootloader, utilizing fastboot form this command in cmd: fastboot oem lock this will relock the bootloader.

In computer run setup.exe from the extract folder, it will run RUU utility and flash earlier to stock. Now you need to unlock her bootloader, download a custom recovery and root. There are loads of guides for that. You have the right to use this.

If you are S-ON, you can acquire S-OFF pretty easily on hboot 1.55 v rumrunner. Instructions here. The latest variation of rumrunner here. If you room on hboot 1.56 or newer you can obtain s-off v Firewate, here. After acquiring S-OFF the process is the exact same as described in the an initial paragraph

After friend have effectively downgraded her ROM and also radio, got root you deserve to go ahead and use the unlock. Uncover it from here.

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How to examine if the unlock to be successful

Insert a sim card and also if girlfriend don’t gain the center Lock allowed message than the unlock is complete. If you can’t make calls change the setups in mobile data, network setting to GSM/UMTS. If it still doesn’t occupational then most likely the phone call doesn’t cover your carriers frequency.