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TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked genres
ArtistStabbing from the west
23 January 1996
May 1995
3.35 / 5.00.5 from 532 ratings
#911 for 1996

love, anxious, melancholic, hateful, self-hatred, introspective, male vocals, pessimistic, angry, heavy, dark, longing


boiznotladyz Oct 09 2005 2.50 stars
If Blood top top the monitor is the definitive separation album, and Lou Reed's Magic and Loss the quintessential soundtrack come the feeling of existential despair brought about by the fatality of a loved one, then it can not be denied the no album captures the experience of when you organize a hairdryer in the one spot because that a bit too long and it starts to, possibly not fairly burn, but get really hot for a 2nd before you relocate it better than Wither, Blister, Burn and Peel. Well, not the suffer maybe, however definitely the suffer of wanting people to think you've had actually the experience when in reality you haven't, i m sorry you can say is an experience in itself.And who's to say how acutely different people feel pain, or what harms the most? Isn't the true that one man's twenty-years-of-apartheid is another man's 'clinical' depression? In a civilization where, every single day, men like Christopher Hall room prejudged as 'himbos' just since they're spectacularly pretty and not an extremely smart, need to parents that dying children have a syndicate on self-pity? The truth is, if you're listening come Wither, Blister, Burn and also Peel then you understand firsthand about some sort of pain, whether it's the ache of not liking Toby anymore because he's walking out v Natasha, also though she's completely only doing it since she hasn't forgiven you for kissing Taylor when they weren't also really walk out; or the pains of no much longer being able to say 'no' when people ask friend if Nine customs Nails is the whiniest tape in her CD collection.
drakkar Sep 04 2014 3.00 stars
Somewhere follow me the means i observed Stabbing Westward perform "What do I have to Do?" on part music display or something, and also i was intrigued sufficient to think this might be a worthy purchase. I still waited until i discovered it cheaply, yet i eventually picked that up.The end an outcome is that i'm really glad i got it cheap. It's basically your typical, upset techno/industrial metal... And also i'm no overly into any type of of those terms - typical, angry, techno, industrial, or metal. I still fairly like "What execute I have to Do?", and "Shame" is OK, however there's tiny else to say here. If it's carry out decently enough, there's nothing new about any type of of this, and also it's substantially not my thing. I'll probably organize on to it for the moment being, but don't be surprised to see this one operation the profession gauntlet prior to it's everywhere with.Looking in ~ this album again, i occurred upon the band photo and realized this actually can be bush under a various guise (seriously, no, but looking at it again...)...
Christopher hall - vocals, guitarWalter Flakus - keyboards, programming, guitarJim Sellers - bass, guitarAndy Kubiszewski - drums, guitar, programming, backing vocalsproduced by man Fryer1996 Columbia documents (CK 66152)highs - Shame, What carry out I need to Do?, Whylows - inside You, therefore Wrong, Crushing Me, Sleepacquired part time at part placeoriginally reviewed 07 July 2005
Warthur Mar 10 2014 3.50 stars

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Stabbing Westward got away v shameless Nine inch Nails praise on your debut album, but this second release to be really the moment for them to assert a unique identity of your own and also they don't quite control it. Although small musical development over Ungod is shown, and also whilst some songs have tendency to plod follow me (I Don't believe is type of destructive as one album opener in this respect due to the fact that it doesn't establish any momentum) when the album is on form it's an exciting evocation that the endure of being a spoiled teenager in the 1990s. Enjoyable, but not together deep or meaningful as the lyrics space trying come be.