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As is no mystery by now, i use several dating apps for window shopping. (I"ve however to acquisition anything, and also I"m at risk to return - though i don"t recognize what that exactly way metaphorically, but it"s true!) one of those wake up to be OkCupid, which argues matches based on questions it asks.

Those questions incorporate things like, "Do you ever not feeling like having sex due to the fact that you feel too unattractive or as well unappealing?" (don"t proposition me ~ a buffet) come "STALE is to STEAL together 89475 is to..." (89547). Your answers add to your personality profile.

Personally, i love personality tests therefore I have actually answered 749 questions since I download OkCupid. (You think that"s a lot? I"ve tweeted over 27 thousands times.) my Myers-Briggs is ENTJ, my personality color is green, and according to OkCupid, ns am one asshole.

Obviously, OkCupid didn"t say that. But let"s look in ~ my results:

More ambitious, more logical, more cool, less conventionally moral, less friendly come strangers, much less love-driven (I"ll give them that), and also less compassionate.

There were a couple of more, yet this is what stood the end to me. The "more" and "less" is in relation to one "average straight man my age."

Uh, what? Okay, I deserve to see the ambitious part, and also I"m complimented that they think I"m cool, however less friendly come strangers? lock don"t know me. And less compassionate?! i am not a psychopath.

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I realized I must be answering these questions too truthfully. Together an ENTJ, a trademark is not letting emotions obtain in our way. (That doesn"t typical we don"t have actually them! We"re just very good at separating thoughts and feelings.) So i answered some an ext questions and also then checked my personality profile . . . .

I"m tho "more ambitious," however "less compassionate" moved away native the bottom of the list. What changed it? "Less giving."