At one point or another, any Star Trek pan wished they had actually a chance to step into the pair of shoes of commander Sisko for a day and lead their really own room station. The mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command achieves simply this by placing you in fee in ways you didn’t even imagine were possible.

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In our initial review, we revealed a bit of the intricacy of this cell phone game. We even mentioned some of the most vital things you need to do as shortly as you enter the Star Trek universe. Now, we’re about to increase on this list to encompass noteworthy things you must keep monitor of once playing STFC, including where to first locate her base, what to execute to upgrade her ships faster, and how come get wealth of sources as a new player.


How to Not fall Behind

Everyone likes to jump the gun once they’re law something they like. This is no less the case when playing an exceptional MMORTS choose Scopely’s Star Trek. Possibly the no. 1 item of advice that every beginner should follow is to no rush to level. What go this mean?

Unlike with many games, your in-game level is established by your development possibilities. If her Operations space level 7, then that’s wherein you’re at. The reasoning behind this mechanism is quite simple and straightforward: this is the structure that determines her stations’ capabilities, the toughness of your ships, and the advancement of her command centre.


Everything is influenced by her level. As soon as you struggle 15, you’re instantly flagged as open to PvP. This means that both your ships and also your station are delicate to opponent player’s attacks and raids. As we shall see, this have the right to be both a great and a poor thing, depending on what you’ve done till this allude in the game. Needless come say the you should organize off ~ above upgrading her Operations to 15 till you’ve controlled to clear every the research study stages that you can.


If you uncover that everything is acquisition a little too much time come complete, don’t forget to inquiry the assist of her alliance members. When you’re doing this, girlfriend should likewise check if the members in your alliance room active. The coalitions that room usually recommended by the game when girlfriend hit level 3 space not necessarily filled with world who space playing, therefore the best means to discover a team that will certainly actually help you development is to usage the chat and also ask around.

Missions and Repeat Missions

Next up, the missions are the means you’ll likely make the many amount of resources in the least amount that time as a beginner. Perfect the key quest line should be your priority. However, as soon as you find you’ve reached a dead end due to the fact that you need to wait because that multiple constructions/research queues, you need to relocate on to next missions. You can find these in particular systems, such together those that room levels 3, 5, 6, and higher. All it take away is to uncover one the them featuring a earth with a yellow exclamation mark.


We strongly indicate you explore all the nearby systems that space either her level or 1, 2 levels greater than you. Next from offering immense quantities of resources, these tasks often overlap. This enables you come maximize her farming time by law the task that is required by each of them simply once. Every you need to do is make sure to pick them up before completing the quest. For instance, currently we have actually three different tritanium mining quests that each offer 2400 Parsteel and an Encryption Key.


Play Star Trek Fleet Command top top

The vital basically assures you’ll have actually at the very least one follow-up quest. In addition, two of them give us recruitment tokens. Sometimes, that can happen that the main quest can likewise demand coinciding requirements. Because that example, the main quest asks us to ruin 6 hostiles that space level 6 or higher, the combat training line demands 5 hostiles level 8 or higher, and a side pursuit is asking us to defeat 5 hostiles in Yridia. Us can gain all three of lock done just by going to Yridia and also killing 6 pearls that room at least level 8. Three quests, one photon torpedo – so come speak.


The reason we have the right to do this is because our adversaries fit the criteria that all three quests. The only downside is the you have to check out your next site a bit and also find the goals yourself. We’d argue that exploration should be one of your first priorities as a Starfleet officer, Romulan agent, or Klingon warrior. Since we were playing Star Trek Fleet Command top top, we had actually no difficulties in easily exploring the map in a record amount the time. Loading screens for exploring systems were almost instant.

Finding the ideal Place to Relocate

Relocating can not seem like such a huge deal once you begin the game, yet as you progress through the level a small bit, you’ll start to an alert the scarcity of resources approximately you. The key reason because that this is the beginner players are clumped up in very populated zones. Take a look at the initial cluster of space stations us were component of. It to be a mess!


As quickly as you with level 6, the main storyline will certainly ask friend to discover a more suitable ar for your an are station. Hooray! come relocate, you’ll require a distinct Relocate Token, which you can obtain from the Alliance shop. The bad news is that you only acquire three of this to begin with and getting more is walking to take it a while. This method that you must be very careful v your an option of home system. We recommend you select one that is not fully inhabited, and that is close to one of two people dilithium or tritanium deposits. You’ll need an abundance of both in the early game.


Keep her Friends Close

We made decision to relocate to Maglynn, as the adjacent Suilneimhe had actually a lot of tritanium nodes the hadn’t been cleared just yet. The players about Maglynn were also relatively low level, in the selection of 15 come 20, which supposed they had actually a tough time attacking us if they determined to carry out so. This is necessary because greater levels will have actually no trouble acquisition the sources you therefore diligently struggled to amass.

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Feeling prepared to take it on the cosmos of STFC? just remember that, despite your ideal intentions, over there will always be who looking to make a quick resource hunt out of your hard-mined ore. An especially when you’re up against strong foes, the finest tactics is to approach them with even stronger allies.