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Regal E-Walk Is Your official Star battles Command facility for Star Wars: The last Jedi

All Star Wars, every the Time, only at Regal

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 13, 2017 / -- Regal entertain Group, a top motion snapshot exhibitor owning and operating among the biggest theatre circuits in the joined States, announces the Regal E-Walk stadium 13 in time Square has been changed to the main Star battles Command facility as we return to a galaxy far, much away with the extremely anticipated Star Wars: The last Jedi. It is in a component of the rebellion together we take down the evil realm with Star battles screenings 24 hrs a job on all screens at E-Walk this weekend. Also, sign up with the fun with the Star wars Marathon, fan Event and also other experiences. Star Wars: The last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson and also distributed by Walt Disney Studios movement Pictures, will certainly be released in theatres on December 15.


Image Source: Regal entertain Group

Regal Entertainment group (PRNewsFoto/Regal entertainment Group)

"At Regal, we space thrilled to make E-Walk the non-stop Star wars destination," stated Ken Thewes, cook Marketing Officer in ~ Regal entertainment Group. "The pressure is strong at E-Walk wherein fans deserve to experience Star battles in 4DX, RPX, 3D, VR or traditional 2D screenings, in the comfort of our new luxury recliner seating."

All moviegoers will receive a collectible ticket once they sign up with the rebellion at Regal E-Walk stadium 13 and also take component in one or all following Star wars experiences:

Screenings. See Star Wars: The critical Jedi when and also how girlfriend want only at E-Walk through the movie playing on all screens (including 4DX, RPX, 3D and 2D) 24 hrs a day opened weekend. Recliners. More comfortable than any type of seat in an X-wing or also the Millennium Falcon, watch the recent Star battles in our brand-new luxury recliners. Star wars Marathon. sign up with the rebellion starting Wednesday, December 13, and see all 8 episodes finishing with Star Wars: The critical Jedi. Marathon ticket holders will obtain a commemorative Marathon blanket, popcorn tub and collectible Star wars cup. Star wars Fan Event. On Thursday, December 14 at 6pm be the an initial to watch Star Wars: The last Jedi at the fan occasion including exclude, content, minimal edition set of 3 collectible cards and cost-free concession combo. Characters. Be completely immersed into the Star wars experience once you accomplish your favorite personalities opening weekend. Star Wars digital Reality. Jump right into your IMAX VR pod and experience Tatooine choose you have never viewed it before. Star Wars picture Booth. Obtain your photo with the Millennium Falcon or The Red Guard.

To learn an ext about every the amazing Star wars experiences in ~ Regal, you re welcome visit

About Regal to chat Group: Regal Entertainment team (NYSE: RGC) operates among the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the unified States, consisting of 7,315 screens in 561 theatres in 43 states together with Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and also the district of Columbia as of September 30, 2017. The agency operates theatres in 48 the the peak 50 U.S. Designated sector areas. We believe that the size, reach and quality the the Company"s theatre circuit no only administer its patrons v a convenient and also enjoyable movie-going experience, but is likewise an impressive platform come realize economic climates of scale in theatre operations. Extr information is obtainable on the Company"s website in ~ .

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Additional information is accessible on the Company"s website at

Media Contact: Richard M. GroverVice president of Marketing & CommunicationsRegal entertain Group 865-925-9539