There are plenty the random occasions that can occur in Stardew Valley, though part have details requirements in order come trigger. Here"s a complete guide.

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player standing alongside capsule following to photo of 2 players standing beside a meteorite
It's no mystery that Stardew Valley is packed with content. Every day bring something new, whether it be festivals or new areas come explore. Together with this, girlfriend will have the possibility to experience a random event each night.

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over there are several random occasions that will have a opportunity to take place each night. In this guide, we room going to go over each one and also what it does. First, let's take a watch at how random occasions work, and the two key types.

What Is A arbitrarily Event?

player sleeping in bed in their farmhouse via Zima Blue/Steam
together their name suggests, these events have a random possibility to take place each night. There are some requirements yet overall, the occasions are random.

In enhancement to this events, nothing may happen. These events are selected in ~ random, so over there is a possibility that an occasion is selected that you haven't perfect the requirements for.

because that example, if an event requires friend to have actually a clear space on her farm, yet there is no room, the event will technically trigger, however it won't actually carry out anything. Nothing will likewise happen the night before you acquire married together well.

Random occasions are break-up into 2 categories; farm occasions and an individual events. Farm occasions are prioritized and happen on your farm, while personal events happen if no farm event has to be selected. Now, let's take it a look at all farm occasions below.

farm yard Events

These are farm events, meaning that they are prioritized. each night, among these will be randomly selected, nevertheless if that does noþeles or not.


earthquake article after player goes come sleep
one earthquake is the only night event that is not random. It has actually a collection day the it will happen on, that will never change.

On Summer 3 of your an initial year, an earthquake will happen. This will certainly remove the boulder heading come the rail area in the mountains. Afterward, you will have accessibility to the railyard and also spa. This area likewise contains the Summit and also Witch's Swamp, which have the right to be unlocked later on in the game.

Bundle completion Reward

fall foraging bundle selected from community center
If you complete a bundle throughout the day, then the random occasion selected is a cutscene related to the reward.

for example, if you finish the Crafts Room bundle, you will unlock the bridge repair for the bridge causing the quarry. That night, girlfriend will see a cutscene the Jumino repairing the bridge.

For an ext information, examine out this guide on completing the neighborhood Center and also all bundles. If you decided the JojaMart path for the neighborhood Center, this event will quiet occur.

crop fairy visiting players farm at night via cubedjelly/Steam
In every season as well as Winter, there is a one percent possibility that the crop Fairy will appear. If the crop Fairy occasion is triggered however it is raining, nothing will certainly happen.

when the chop Fairy event is efficiently triggered, the fairy will choose a random 5 by five area on your farm yard and completely grow all of the crops.

The crop Fairy cannot grow an area if the center contains wild seeds. If this happens, then the occasion will do nothing.

The Witch Appears

In addition to being checked out by the crop Fairy, you will also have a one percent possibility to be visited by the Witch. The Witch will pick a random coop to occupational her magic. Since these buildings don't have a 100 percent possibility to it is in selected, over there is a chance that nothing will certainly happen.

A coop will have actually an 80 percent possibility to be selected because that a visit. Coops room selected at random if they fulfill the adhering to requirements.

Upgraded at the very least once Less 보다 50 objects are put inside

The Witch will leave one void egg inside of her coop. If you have actually 100 percent perfection, then there is secondary chance that she will leave a gold egg.

If you have actually a slime hutch, then there is a 50 percent possibility that the Witch will visit this structure if over there is at least one slime inside and no angry Statue. In this scenario, the Witch will revolve slimes right into black slimes.

Meteorite Landing top top Farm

players standing alongside Meteorite ~ above farm via MsReen/Steam
there is a one percent opportunity that a meteorite will certainly land on your farm. This is basically a gigantic rock the drops six iridium ore, 6 stone, and two geodes.


once a meteorite lands, girlfriend will watch the article 'an explosion to be heard in the night...'. This is the sound that the meteorite crashing on your farm.

to mine a meteorite, girlfriend will require to have at least a gold pickaxe. The meteorite will not despawn, for this reason if your devices aren't strong enough, you don't need to worry around it disappearing. Be certain to visit Clint to update tools!

Unfortunately, a meteorite can destroy parts of your farm. The meteorite will land on any type of two by two area the does not have any type of placed objects, water, or animals. This method that it may land ideal in the middle of your crops. Although placing sprinklers closer together may be inefficient, that will reduced the possibilities of a meteorite landing on an important crops.

Strange Capsule

player standing close to strange capsule beside farmhouse via stephenxseagull/Steam
After your very first year, there will certainly be a 0.8 percent opportunity that the strange capsule occasion occurs. This is a capsule the crash-lands on your farm. Inside, the capsule will certainly contain some sort of alien creature.


Eventually, the extraterrestrial inside will break out, and also the capsule will show up with the glass shattered. This way that there is currently an extraterrestrial on the loosened in Stardew Valley.

You can record glimpses that the alien at night, and they usually appear in the bus prevent area. The alien will certainly not have actually any affect on your farm, but it's fun to point out it in ~ night.

Stone Owl Appears

player standing following to stone owl top top farm via Johny Calzone/Steam
The last farm event is the illustration of a rock Owl. This is a rock statue of one owl, explained as 'very fine'.

The rock Owl has actually a 0.5 percent chance of appearing, and more than one have the right to be on your farm yard at a time. There room no supplies for the statue, yet it provides a pretty decoration. Friend can likewise buy a rock Owl statue in ~ the Night Market, yet its appearance is different.

an individual Events

this are events that take place if no farm event has to be selected. If a farm occasion was selected however nothing happened, a an individual event will certainly not occur.


Child Birth

player standing next to baby crib in farmhouse via Hyena/Steam
If you are married to one of two people an NPC or another player, there is a five percent opportunity that lock ask friend if you desire to have a child.

as soon as married to an NPC, girlfriend will need to have a ten love relationship and also the nursery upgrade of your farmhouse. Additionally, girlfriend cannot currently be preparing for a child (pregnancy or adoption) or have recently had actually a child.

as soon as married to another player, this same problems apply. Girlfriend will likewise need to be resting in the bed of the main farmhouse.

After accepting to have a child, a baby will certainly be one of two people born or delivered in 14 days.

Remember, you can decline having children. There room no results to speak no. This occasion can take place again later.

If you execute agree to have children and then decision you don't actually want them, you deserve to visit the Dark Shrine that Selfishness inside the Witch's Hut. Providing one prismatic shard come this shrine will turn your youngsters into doves forever.


Animal Birth

with no farm occasions selected, climate there is a 50 percent chance that a farm pet gives birth.

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This will happen randomly to one pet in a barn if it isn't in ~ maximum capacity. Each pet within the barn will have an equal opportunity to be selected. If an pet that is favored is a infant or has had actually pregnancy disabled, climate the occasion will perform nothing.

Additionally, if girlfriend decide that you execute not want an additional farm animal, you can sell it from the information panel. An animal's price will boost as they period though, definition that babies perform not offer for very much.

Animal Attack

If no other occasion was chosen, climate an animal attack occasion is guaranteed to happen. This event has a 50 percent possibility of act nothing though.

when this event does happen, a barn or coop will certainly be chosen if that meets the complying with requirements.

The barn door is closed Animals room outdoors, with no way inside

if sleeping, you will hear a howling noise. One pet outside of the barn or coop will disappear, and all of your other animals will be 'stressed and also paranoid'.

This occasion is a little grim, for this reason make certain that all of your pets are inside of their barn or coop every night. Although this event still has actually a 50 percent opportunity of law nothing, it's far better to it is in safe.

That's all the random events that will have a chance to cause each night! together you play, friend may an alert that events don't actually happen each night. As discussed above, this is since if an occasion is chosen, there is second chance that it go nothing.

Overall, you will be able to witness all of these occasions after a couple of seasons of playing.


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