If you"re looking come discover all of the artefacts in Stardew Valley, we have actually a substantial list right here of every artifact and also where to acquire it.

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Stardew sink Artifact dig Spot and Artifacts On screen At Museum
In order to finish Gunther's museum arsenal in Stardew Valley, you'll require to discover all the artefacts scattered randomly approximately the world. Every day, new artifact spots will pop up, and also sometimes they even give friend duplicate ones. If you explore enough, you'll ultimately collect them all, also though it could be quite time-consuming.

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The best time come dig about for artefacts is during the winter season, wherein there are more artifact spots about than usual. Donating them to the museum because that the first time will certainly unlock miscellaneous rewards native Gunther, consisting of the ancient Seed make recipe, which is one of the most crucial ones in the game. Here's where you deserve to easily discover each artifact.

ideal Ways come Find artifacts In Stardew Valley

Stardew sink Player standing In former Of Artifact Spot
Newcomers come Stardew valley might notification strange wiggling worms protruding native the soil at various locations. These are referred to as artifact spots. Digging them up v a hoe has actually the opportunity to yield artefacts or resources favor clay and rocks. A hoe can additionally be supplied to destruction up the dirt found inside the mines and also Skull Cavern, so never ever go mining without bringing a hoe through you. The monster encountered in both areas likewise sometimes autumn artifacts.

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while fishing, it's sometimes possible to find a sweetheart chest, and these can likewise contain artifacts and other resources. If girlfriend can gain your hand on one artifact trove, which can be bought indigenous the Desert businessman or to reduce by a Haunted skull or even discovered at Ginger Island's destruction Site, they generally contain various artifacts as well. Finally, for bone artifacts, in particular, you'll desire to mine Bone Nodes generally found at Ginger Island's dig Site.

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Stardew sink Museum screen Shelf
NameWhere come Find
Amphibian FossilForest, Mountains, Bone Nodes, or Fishing Chests
AnchorBeach, Fishing Chests, Artifact Troves
Ancient DollMountains, Forest, Town, Bus Stop, Fishing Chests, Artifact Troves or gifted throughout Feast that the Winter Star
Ancient DrumForest, Town, Bus Stop, Artifact Troves or within Omni or Frozen Geodes
Ancient SeedMountains, Forest, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves or to reduce by an insect enemies
Ancient SwordMountains, Forest, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
ArrowheadForest, Mountains, Bus Stop, Artifact Troves
Bone FluteMountains, Forest, Town, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
Chewing StickMountains, Forest, Town, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves or reduce by duggies
Chicken StatueFarm, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
Chipped AmphoraTown, Artifact Trove
Dinosaur EggMountains, Fishing Chest, Skull Cavern's prehistoric floors or reduce by Pepper Rex
Dried StarfishBeach, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
Dwarf GadgetMine floors 41 come 80, within Magma or Omni geodes and also Artifact Troves
Dwarf scroll IAll mine floors and also various mine monsters
Dwarf scroll IIMine floors 1 to 40 or to reduce by Ghosts, Frost Bats, Dust Sprites, and also Blue Slimes
Dwarf role IIIVarious monster in the mines
Dwarf scroll IVMine floors over level 80 and most regular monsters
Dwarvish HelmMine floors 1 to 40, within normal and also Omni Geodes and also Artifact Troves
Elvish JewelryForest, Fishing Chests, and Artifact Troves
Glass ShardsBeach, Fishing Chests, Artifact Troves
Golden MaskDesert and Artifact Troves
Golden RelicDesert and also Artifact Troves
Nautilus FossilBeach, Fishing Chests, and Bone Nodes
Ornamental FanForest, Town, Beach, Fishing Chests, and Artifact Troves
Palm FossilBeach, Forest, Desert, Bone Nodes
Prehistoric HandaxeForest, Mountains, Bus Stop, Artifact Troves
Prehistoric RibFarm, Town, Bone Nodes and dropped by Pepper Rex
Prehistoric ScapulaTown, Forest, Bone Nodes
Prehistoric SkullMountains, Bone Nodes and also dropped by Haunted Skulls
Prehistoric TibiaForest, Railroad, Bone Nodes and also dropped by Pepper Rex
Prehistoric ToolMountains, Forest, Bus Stop, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
Prehistoric VertebraBus Stop, Bone Nodes and dropped through Pepper Rex
Rare DiscFishing Chest, Artifact Troves and dropped by show Shaman, shadow Brute, and also Bats
Rusty CogMountains, any kind of floor of Skull Cavern and also Mines, Fishing Chests and also Artifact Troves
Rusty SpoonAny floor of Skull Cavern and Mines, Town, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
Rusty SpurAny floor of Skull Cavern and also Mines, Farm, Fishing Chest, Artifact Troves
Skeletal HandBeach, Backwoods, Bone Nodes and dropped by Haunted Skulls
Skeletal TailAny floor the Skull Cavern and also Mines, Bone Nodes and also Fishing Chests
Strange Doll (Green)Mountains, Farm, Bus Stop, Forest, Town, Beach, any floor the Mines and Skull Cavern, Fishing Chest and within secret Note #17
Strange Doll (Yellow Shirt)Mountains, Beach, Farm, Bus Stop, Town, Forest, any floor the Mines and Skull Cavern, Fishing Chest and also within an enig Note #18
TrilobiteMountains, Beach, Forest, and also Bone Nodes
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