Drew Brees and also Russell Wilson room on bye, and Cam Newton and also Carson Palmer are hurt. Jamey Eisenberg says Fantasy owner in require of a QB must trust rookie Carson Wentz this week.

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Week 5 Rankings: Standard | PPR

We"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgve to be slightly distracted this week through Hurricane Matthew due to the fact that we"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgre based in south Florida and also we hope anyone who can be affected by this storm is safe. The could additionally cause troubles for NFL gamings on the east Coast, so store an eye ~ above TEN-MIA, WAS-BAL and even TB-CAR on Monday night before setup your lineups.

together for week 5, us hope to see several stars step up who have actually been struggling. The Patriots passing video game should significantly improve with Tom Brady earlier from his four-game suspension, i beg your pardon is great news because that Rob Gronkowski and also Julian Edelman. Start all 3 of them against the Browns this week.

Odell Beckham should have actually the opportunity for a large game if cornerback Sam Shields (concussion) remains out for the Packers, and he will hopefully have an ext highlights this week than tirades. Also, in that same game, don"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgt be surprised if Randall Cobb plays well given how slot receivers have actually done versus the Giants this year.

One player we"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgre a little worried about this main is DeAndre Hopkins in ~ Minnesota. Girlfriend can"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgt bald bench him, however this can be another tough main of restricted production.

and don"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgt it is in surprised if Matt Ryan and also Julio Jones, off their dominant performance against the Panthers v 500 pass yards and also 300 receiving yards, respectively, battle this week at Denver. The Broncos defense is nasty and Ryan and Jones could see a decline in production. You"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgre not benching Jones, however you might sit Ryan.

We"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgre additionally hopeful video camer Newton (concussion) plays versus the Buccaneers because it"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgs a an excellent matchup, yet Carson Palmer (concussion) is out against the 49ers. And also we have four teams ~ above a bye with Seattle, brand-new Orleans, Jacksonville and also Kansas City, so finding the right quarterback could be difficult without attracted Brees and also Russell Wilson. Yet as you"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgll watch below, we like a particular rookie to provide at Detroit.

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Editor"https://tacoemojishirt.com/start-em-sit-em-week-5-2016/imager_1_7188_700.jpgs Note: Projections are provided by CBS Sports and not Jamey Eisenberg.