The State of Connecticut, department of convey (DOC), is spring to rental qualified people for the position of State college Teacher at our Correctional Facilities throughout the state. This positions are ideal for both current graduates and also seasoned professionals!
Certifications of all kinds are essential to facilitate the requirements of our firm and to fulfill our mission. Through working with such a diverse population the department of Correction offers educational opportunities in these various areas:
an extensive Special Education, K-12 Mathematics, 7-12 English, 7-12 earth Science, 7–12 general Science, 7–12 Elementary, 1–6 Spanish, 7-12 Other civilization Language, 7-12 background & social Studies, 7-12 Art, PK-12
The DOC Unified college District #1 is specialized to giving quality education programs because that incarcerated individuals. Scholastic knowledge, vocational competencies and life an abilities integrated with an innovation are readily available to students in a positive setting to foster lifelong learning, multicultural awareness and also a successful change to society.

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This is a full-time, 35 hour per week position (Monday-Friday) on very first shift. We have openings in ~ Correctional Facilities throughout the state; placement will certainly be based on the candidate"s education endorsement and also department needs.
Some duties that this position include: Prioritizing safety and also security as it involves staff, victims, citizens, and offenders Teaching early intervention, elementary, secondary, one-of-a-kind subject, and/or special education curricula arising educational plans because that individuals and groups setup short and long term objectives and evaluating student progression Participating in plan team meetings and also case review conferences to evaluate student habits Holding conferences through parents or officials came to with college student performance Relating to professionals in ancillary education roles keeping student records and writing reports Modeling best teaching practicesWhat we deserve to offer you: A variety of medical and dental to plan A Hazardous Duty pension plan (State employee Retirement device Tier IV) choice to preserve State the CT Teacher Retirement plan or enroll in the State Employee Retirement mechanism Sick and an individual leave five (5) main of booked vacation time A healthy work/life balance for every employees.
For an within look at what it is prefer to do an influence as a State the Connecticut employee, inspect out the video clip below!

The Connecticut department of mediate is a diverse agency with a wide variety of employee from convey Officers, to Educators, to Managers and also Skilled Professionals. Us value distinctions that do us stronger as a team and also support ours mission statement. DOC is the agency responsible for corrections in the U.S. State of Connecticut. The agency operates 14 correctional facilities. It has actually its headquarters in Wethersfield. The DOC protects public safety by ensuring offenders serve their sentences of imprisonments in infrastructure that are safe, human, and administer re-entry programming. DOC is a combined system; all sentenced and un-sentenced criminal are managed by the DOC. The Department likewise provides supervision because that offenders on parole, community release, and other discretionary relax programs.
Candidates must fill the end the "Licenses and Professional Certification" ar of the application. Please make certain your license #, date Issued, and also Expiration day are accurate and also up-to-date. If selected for interview, applicants will be asked to existing a copy that this details at the time of interview. This info will be validated v the Connecticut room of Education.
This position may require you to prepare a lesson plan presentation as component of the interview process.
Candidates hired will be supposed to to visit a ten (10) week department of Correction training Academy.
This posting will certainly be open up on a consistent basis to finest manage the agency"s requirements in filling positions across the state. Updates throughout this process will be sent out via email to your an individual email address and to your an individual Status Board (under "My Applications") ~ above the virtual Employment Center. Applicants space responsible to monitor both their email and an individual Status plank for these communications.
The instant vacancy is noted above, however, applications come this recruitment might be supplied for future vacancies in this task class.
This posting might require completion of added referral inquiries (RQs) which will be sent out to girlfriend via email after the close up door date. The email an alert will incorporate an expiration date whereby you need to submit (Finish) your responses. Please regularly check your email for notifications. Please examine your SPAM and/or Junk folders, as emails can end up there in error.
Contact UsFor questions about your application or the position, please contact Sabrina DeStasio via email at sabrina.destasio
For technological support regarding the filing of your application in JobApps, please call Jake Ferrari via email at jake.ferrari
In a state institution, basic or region within a state unified college district, teaches appropriate early intervention, elementary, secondary, special topics and/or special education and learning curricula to individuals enrolled in departmental education and learning programs.
Teaches early intervention, elementary, secondary, special subject and/or special education and learning curricula; develops educational plans because that individuals and groups material level come students ability; to adjust short and long hatchet goals and also evaluates progression of students; participates in plan team meetings and case review conferences assessing student behavior; may host conferences v parents or officials came to with student"s performance; relates to specialists in ancillary educational roles; maintains college student records and also writes reports; performs related work-related as required.
knowledge of the philosophy and methods of education and teaching; knowledge of the principles and also practices of education and learning for disability population; understanding of student regime needs and also goal setting; capacity to motivate students; ability to interact at the appropriate level; capability to establish cooperative relationships v those contacted in work; ability to prepare composed reports.


Possession the a Bachelor’s level from an accredited university or college.


preferred Certification: 029 Mathematics, 7-12 015 English, 7-12 165 comprehensive Special Education, K-12 (formerly 265) 033 planet Science, 7–12 034 basic Science, 7–12 305 Elementary, 1–6 023 Spanish, 7-12 024 Other people Language, 7-12 026 background & society Studies, 7-12 042 Art, PK-12Preference will certainly be given to candidates that possess the comprehensive Special education K-12(#165) with an external Diploma and also Noncredit Mandated program endorsement (#107).

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Candidates hired will be expected to to visit a ten (10) week department of Correction training Academy employed staff in this course is conditional upon possession of a precious Connecticut State plank of education and learning teaching certificate ideal to the to teach assignment. Incumbents in this class may be required to possess and also retain a current Connecticut Motor automobile operator"s license.
In enhancement to the checking of references and also of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate may be made before appointment.


The State the Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative activity employer and also strongly urges the applications that women, minorities, and also persons through disabilities.

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The State that Connecticut is an Affirmative Action/Equal opportunity Employer and also strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities and persons v disabilities.