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If friend come across this message, it probably method that you are a user of vapor (Valve Corporation’s very popular game circulation platform) and that you have one or much more games in a damaging Download Queued or upgrade Queued state – even if over there is no energetic download. Every time this scenario occurs, steam is basically unable to download or upgrade anything, which deserve to be very annoying.

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Although steam is a gigantic in the video game industry, he likewise has plenty of problems and also strange mistakes. Among them is when heavy steam has no updated or downloaded a game. The video game can it is in blocked as “in the queue” or download at 0 bytes per second. This trouble can take place for assorted reasons. That all relies on your software and also hardware, since all customers have various configurations.

Fortunately, over there are numerous effective solutions to fix this problem and resume downloading and also updating games.

Change the download region

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Steam has divided its services into several geography regions. At this locations, various servers are implemented and, through default, the server closest come you is characterized as the download server.

There are millions of online players in vapor every day and also it is not brand-new that servers periodically refuse one or two clients to offer those already in the queue. Or your server may be overloaded or shut under for maintenance purposes. Us can shot to adjust your download an ar and check out if that solves the problem. Steam may ask you come restart your customer so that alters can be made. If asked, press Ok and after restarting the vapor Client, inspect if the difficulty has to be solved.

Flush configuration


If the above option does no work, friend can try to reset the heavy steam configuration as follows:

Right-click the Windows start button and also click operation (or left click and also select the Run icon if you space using windows 7 or earlier).Type steam://flushconfig in the message box (see screenshot below) and press OK.Steam starts through a popup that says that it clears the download cache and that you need to log in again.All you have to do is click OK since that’s precisely what friend want and your downloads should proceed immediately.

Clear the download cache and also update the steam files


In your heavy steam client, open the setups pane through selecting heavy steam > setups from the optimal left menu.In the settings pane, select the downloads tab and you will view the clean Download Cache switch below.Then pick “OK” come confirm and confirm the you require to connect to heavy steam again.

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Run windows in Clean boot


To restart under home windows 8 or home windows 10:

Press the home windows + R switch to open a launch box.Type msconfig and click OK.In the general tab, click on Selective Start.Clear the load Start-up Items inspect box.Click ~ above the services tab.Select the Hide all Microsoft services check box (below).Click ~ above Disable All.Click on the begin tab.Click on open Task Manager.In the begin tab, right-click on every activated start item and also choose Disable.Click top top OK.Click Restart.


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