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Basic Information:

Year: 2020Page Number: 592 pagesFile Type: PDFFile Size: 18.32 MBAuthors/ Editiors: Dr. Steven Agabegi MD

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Find what you should know—fast This bestselling volume in the well-known Step-Up collection provides a high-yield evaluation of medicine, right for preparing because that clerkships or clinical rotations, shelf exams, and the USMLE step 2. Clinical pearls, full-color illustrations, and “Quick Hits” administer essential details in one efficient, easy-to-remember manner to aid you excel on her exams and succeed in the clinical setting. Likewise includes a 100-question exercise exam to assistance preparation.

User’s Review:

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Reviews native Amazon users, built up at the moment the publication is obtaining published on UniedVRG. It can be concerned shiping or file quality instead of the publication content:

⭐ The hypertension classification has been updated. The above commentdoesn’t reflect the edition ns have.

⭐ wonderful & updated, the 1st review doesn’t reflect truth as thehypertension category has to be updated.

⭐ publication looks good. A little disappointed the a 2019 edition still hasn’tupdated that is hypertension classification, in i beg your pardon a systolic BP > 130 mmHgis currently considered hypertension in the brand-new guidelines. I wonder whatelse hasn’t to be updated.UPDATE: I had actually a trouble with the kindle editiongetting updated soon after it to be released. The updated variation doesinclude the to update hypertension guidelines. So far so good!

⭐ to buy September 5th, 2019. Beautiful, good for action 2! simply don’tforget to study Psyche, Surgery, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, etc. Since this bookonly has medicine. View the contained photo that HTN to settle anyconfusion to whether or no to book is updated.

⭐ i am a PA student and also I like this book in its entirety because it offers moredetail into conditions and also provides “quick hits” that high yield info which Ifind an extremely helpful! My only wish is the it was much more specific withantibiotic treatments. Occasionally it just says “treat v antibiotics.” I’dprefer if it lists the encourage antibiotics or class. However still, i wouldrecommend this book as a good addition.

⭐ that the finest review publication for USMLE Step2 .Recent accuse forhypertension is currently updated.

⭐ I used this to study for plank a pair years earlier and discovered that that hadjust sufficient info for review without obtaining to in depth. Ns recentlytransitioned from specialty right into primary care and also purchased the new editionjust to keep on hand for rapid review.

⭐ i can’t read the book, kindle edition. The letter room to small, i can’tincrease the font size. I have actually 20/20, i don’t have actually presbyopia. The letterare tiny dots.

⭐ gold standard. Passed me step 2ck easily.

⭐ The publication itself is a great resource. However, it’s near unreadable on mykindle due to the fact that the font is so enormous I deserve to only review one sentence perpage, and I can’t readjust the size. Various other people also seem to have problemswith the font size. Unfortunate since I particularly wanted to review onkindle to provide my eye a break from glowing screens.