Pivoting Party ManSteve LeVine no going to let the pandemic stop him native throwing his mommy a surprise birthday party, for this reason the local occasion guru taught his family how to use Zoom for this reason it might go on without a hitch. The love of entertaining civilization is in his blood. LeVine’s father worked in radio during the California native’s formative years, and also LeVine started DJing at 13. V the future of live events still uncertain, the CEO of Steve LeVine Entertainment and also Public relations (SLE) knows that while Zoom is component of his this firm future, civilization aren’t going to sit at home watching Netflix until the pandemic is over. His company, which puts on the Chandler chamber Ostrich Festival and also Scottsdale Fashion Week, quickly pivoted to socially distanced pop-up movies and viewing parties at WestWorld the Scottsdale, and also other virtual offerings. That spoke with us in July about the future that Fashion Week and also not letting the coronavirus prevent him indigenous finding ways to carry people with each other while remaining at the very least 6 feet apart.

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How much have actually your plans for 2020 adjusted as a company since the pandemic?

We had to grab the moment and give human being something worth their time. The pop-up drive-in theater provided us one opportunity. I think the following step is wherein we have the right to go indigenous there, whether it it is in an e-sports gaming occasion or the town hall parties. We have people talking around hosting seminars if in your cars. is causing human being to be very creative. I’m excited and a little nervous to keep learning an ext about this side, however I can not wait to bring live occasions back.

With your background in concerts and events, you can pivot come pop-up occasions rather quickly.

We began going v all the points that us were doing and all the relationships that us had. Us knew over there were sellers out there sitting on your equipment, and also we had to produce something. The call is not simply going to ring. You need to go and get it. It was simply piecing it all together, and we were able come navigate quickly due to the fact that ofour experience.

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Will events like Scottsdale Fashion Week go virtual? What might that watch like?

I don’t know. The a object we’re starting to discuss. Ns think over there are ways to interact the attendees. We have to get an innovative and figure that out. I know there’s a way. Yes sir a lot of human being that room going prior to us in Paris and brand-new York. I’m curious to see just how they’re going come answer those questions, also if castle pop-up online fashion events. And if they nothing happen, are we going to happen?

There are a the majority of facets to her company, yet has society distancing tightened the company’s focus?

I execute think that having all of these things equips us to relocate forward. It is why us haven’t stopped. Among our within jokes is the you can’t spell durable without SLE, and also it’s the truth. We’re discussing just how to spring forward and also how we have the right to work together. I don’t quit. Ns don’t stop, and also I think that’s infectious in our office. Every one of us has actually that same mentality. I do recognize that we’re focused. We obtained to save our clients happy. I don’t want to be cliché, yet I have to: We’re every in this together.