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Future, illustration 19: ns Am my Monster


Before the episode-length activity scene that consumes ns Am mine Monster, we get four efficient establishing shots that amount up just how we acquired here. Yellowtail and also Sour Cream’s bond has actually grown, and while Steven had a hand in this process, it was largely something they established themselves. Vidalia (the very first human Greg met in coast City) and also Onion (Steven’s strange equivalent down to having the exact same voice actor) are in she garage, ideal where she painted the portrait that prompted Steven to repress his emotions and also imagine his younger me as an angelic ideal. Peridot and Bismuth, whose stays were concretely improved by Steven, are currently cleaning up after the mess he left behind in small Homeschool. And Bill and Buck Dewey, that round the end the parent-child dynamic we witnessed from the other humans, room joined by an unnamed Gem that now casually walks amongst humanity many thanks to Steven achieve galactic peace.

There’s a lesson in all four of these shots. Steven have the right to be helpful, however doesn’t need to be advantageous for his friends to discover happiness. He can be seen as a cherubic savior, yet has constantly had plenty of chaos come overcome. That freed gems from captivity and also befriended them also when lock hurt him, but letting down his security for enemy after opponent has taken a toy fee on his ability to be calm and also secure. He opened the door for humans and Gems come live together, however it’s approximately them to want to carry out it. This is a son that has inarguably made the universe a far better place, however he still requirements to accept that the cosmos is much bigger than himself if he wants to avoid being crushed by its burdens.


Both the movie and also this finale watch the Diamonds appearing in what would be a deus ex machina if they to be remotely good at fixing problems. The first time roughly they listed a quick fix because that our Spinel problem, however as we’ve seen, it hasn’t precisely panned the end yet in terms of helping her v her main point issues. And also now, as they return through Steven’s sandal, they administer one last bit of fairy tale structure to lend a magical ton to just how awful they are at this.

Time is of the essence, therefore we get a speedy three-part story together Yellow’s lightning can’t resolve his body, Blue’s delight cloud is redirected (leading to the only real hoax of the illustration as Patti LuPone guffaws v the crisis), and also White’s reverse supremacy power infuriates Monster Steven enough to break loose of Lapis’s grip (way come go!). Christine Ebersole is exceptional here, oozing the very same patronizing energy that made her a villain in the first place prior to the shock the Monster Steven’s rage sends out her panicking. White is once again the exact opposite that what he needs, now compounding her disastrous therapy with the counterproductive declaration that Steven no longer exists in Monster Steven. In situation Homeworld tied wasn’t clear, this isn’t something that the Diamonds room gonna fix.

Witha single roar, the s parts and also the clouds transition and his whole family is knocked back. It’s vital to keep reflecting us how destructive Monster Steven is without resulting in the kind of damage that would certainly warrant a much more violent response; we’ve viewed quite enough suffering to gain the point across, and also dragging out the fight instead of concentrating on the systems would simply be cruel. The cluster emerges to protect the civilization from him, and also his family gets some necessary room to breathe and regroup.


The decision Gems usage a five pointed star in comparison with the four-pointed Diamonds in the sky, yet Connie bookends her very first outing together a member the the team by bringing Earth’s own star to the table. The sunlight returns as she conserves the work in the same means she did as soon as Lapis and Peridot were exhilaration up in The brand-new Crystal Gems, or as soon as Blue and Yellow Diamond were oppressing Steven in readjust Your Mind: by fearlessly scolding her elders for no doing the best thing and demanding they shape up. She’s a Maheswaran similar to Steven is a Universe, as much a product of her parents together her finest friend is, and also in an emergency she has actually neither the moment nor the desire to mince words once wrongs deserve to be righted. She’s Steven’s knight until the end, also if she has to safeguard him from his family and also himself.

So yes, Garnet can take lead again through coordinating the final push to with Steven. And also everybody it s okay a turn this time to tell the what he’s intended to them, enabling our magnificent actors an emotionally showcase the culminates years’ precious of love sent out their method by our enduring monster. Yet it’s Connie that gets the last word, and a human being kiss instead of a magical one that cures him.


Zach Callison finally gets his voice ago as he allows out Steven’s grief, and I can’t even imagine what this record session was like. The ache is palpable even before the tears come back, and also when they do it’s a explosive expression of sorrow, the kind of desperate sobbing reserved for the death of a love one. He might be back, yet he’s a mess as whatever crashes in, and while Connie may have actually been the one to save him, ns love love love that it’s Lion who comforts the here. Occasionally you just need to organize your pet and also weep.

I am My Monster comes and goes choose a absent to the stomach. In spite of the lengthy buildup of Steven’s break down throughout Steven cosmos Future, storyboarders Etienne Guignard and also Miki Brewster speed this final “fight” with the harrowing pace of a sudden scare attack, and also it pipeline me simply as breathless once it’s through. As tough as it is come watch, it’s specifically as tense as a situation this dire needs to be, and allows our final episode to check out what happens when the worst of it is finally over.

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We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

A difficult one to watch, yet I appreciate how understated it feels compared to the bombast of reunited or readjust Your Mind; there’s nothing happy around I to be My Monster, and also even in victory it’s clear the there’s a long means to go, but it wouldn’t execute Steven justice to have actually it any type of other way.

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