Steven Universe: 10 Sapphire Facts most Fans Don't understand Sapphire is just one of the many reserved crystal Gems around and also true to form, no everything around her is usual knowledge among fans.

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at the very heart of Steven Universe, as well together its recently-completed epilogue series Steven world Future, lies enormous world-building and meaningful character advancement that"s to be winning over fans because the an extremely beginning. Among its most beloved yet originally mysterious characters was Garnet, that was offered an entirely new way to watch at her character after it to be revealed that she was a blend in "Jail Break".

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However, the gems that consisted of that combination still remained relatively mysterious, together Ruby and also Sapphire were never ever given nearly as much time on-screen to check out themselves, leaving many tiny details that are fairly easy to miss.

once the news about Rose gift Pink Diamond was finally revealed to everyone, that wasn"t together if any kind of of the gems took it particularly well however, Sapphire certainly got hit the hardest the end of everyone. Climbed was the person who made her feel together if her visibility fused through Ruby was valid and beautiful, for this reason to discover out that increased was lying about her identity made Sapphire feel together if the made even her indigenous of encouragement invalid.

On Sapphire"s wiki, interesting way enough, rose is noted as a "villain" because that her, reflecting just just how deeply she was impacted by this revelation.

since of Sapphire"s capability to check out the result of events prior to they take it place, she adapts a poor habit that distancing herself from instances a small too much. An instance of this is at any time she and Ruby acquire into one argument and she starts to act like both the their existing feelings on the issue are irrelevant. This is because she have the right to see that points get resolved soon after, therefore she sees no feeling in saying now.

Since she already sees what the outcome will certainly be many of the time, she feels as if she doesn"t have to express her current emotions, even when this comes at the expense of she own- or other"s- emotional health.

also though Ruby is the one the end of the couple who expresses her emotions much more openly, it"s shockingly Sapphire who"s actually the more extroverted the the two! Even before she rebelled indigenous Homeworld, she was displayed talking to among her Ruby escorts around what she assumed of the Earth, reflecting an open desire to speak to rather even ago then.

In "Hit The Diamond," she"s also shown being an extremely open about flirting through Ruby to the allude of her team"s detriment. It"s good seeing the she does have actually a an ext talkative side to match Ruby"s energy.

7 She flourished To Trust chance & take it Risks

In Steven universe Future, though pan aren"t provided too lot of a glimpse right into Ruby and Sapphire"s advance as different gems, they room at least given an episode. It"s shown that Sapphire has actually gone v her own share the development, even if that wasn"t all on-screen. She go from a gem who would street herself from fact due to currently knowing how the future would certainly unfold into someone who believes in the opportunity of many outcomes.

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Steven goes come ask Sapphire if he must propose come Connie by having actually her view the future, yet she simply replies the her and also Ruby"s love defied every odds and her Future Vision for this reason theirs could as well. After ~ all, nothing is set in stone.

Garnet has had actually two wonderful music numbers centered about her throughout the series, and also it"s a pretty for sure bet come say that Sapphire is the one the end of the duo who"s an ext musically inclined.

Whenever Ruby and Sapphire were retained apart top top the Homeworld-bound ship, Sapphire hummed lowly in stimulate to gain the fist of both Steven and Ruby without seeming too suspicious. It also happened to be the track to "Love like You," the number that Garnet sings quickly after.

5 She deserve to Only watch Futures Where She"s Passive

Garnet"s Future Vision enables her to watch all sorts of different, branching futures, therefore it have the right to be basic to forget in ~ times that Sapphire"s is a little different. The pretty creatively plays right into her much more passive nature, as well. Sapphire deserve to only check out one future, in i m sorry she passively walk not have a direct impact on the outcome.

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This is why she was unable to see the future in which her and also Ruby fused, as the act that readjusted the food of her future was one that directly associated her. However, it"s revealed later on that she gains the capability to check out multiple futures later on, likely when she began to expropriate the opportunity of their existence.

Sapphire has actually abilities of cryokinesis that viewers gain to check out in activity several times, but what"s lesser-known around them is the reality that they"re entirely regulated subconsciously by her emotions. Fairly than many of the gems" powers wherein they need to put mindful thought into using them, Sapphire"s emotionally state can reason her come erupt the weather into snowstorms or even completely freeze she surroundings, without she being conscious of it.

The key times this gets presented is during an argument with Ruby and also after finding out that climbed lied, reflecting just just how much emotionally the two supposed to her.

3 she Nicknames Hide LGBTQ+ Representation

one of Sapphire"s nicknames is "Laughy Sapphy," having been provided to she by Ruby, and also it"s also actually an exceptionally cute and clever small nod to your romantic orientation- which is constantly wonderful to see. Sapphy is quite close come "sapphic," i beg your pardon is a less common term supplied to define women who room attracted to other women.

In the most literal sense, it can additionally mean "pertaining to Sappho," that was a famous homosexual female poet. It"s good to view that the other an interpretation pertains come her and describing Ruby and also Sapphire"s relationship.

throughout the series, each of the crystal Gems are presented to have actually their own distinct weapon that they have the right to summon from your gems, yet we never ever see this because that Sapphire. Out of every solitary member the the gems, Sapphire is the one who"s engaged in combat the least, likely due to the fact that she was designed to it is in a much more fancy, diplomatic gem that was just to be supplied for future foretelling.

Matt Burnett, among the members that the Crewniverse, stated that Sapphire "probably doesn"t have actually a weapon" of her own.

1 She"s The only Crystal Gem who Doesn"t sports Their Insignia

throughout their time as crystal Gems ~ Steven was lugged into the world, as each member re-formed for miscellaneous reasons, they would come ago with part variation that Steven"s trademark star somewhere on their outfit. It became an unspoken prize of your Rebellion, and also is one adorable means to display that they see Steven as a true individual, rather than together a continuation of Rose.

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However, Sapphire is the just member of the decision Gems as well as the jewel they un-corrupted to never be seen v such a star implemented into her design, i beg your pardon is a real shame.

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