defeating Yhorm in Dark Souls 3 have the right to be really basic or yes, really hard. Here are 10 tips for dealing with this distinctive boss.

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relying on the player, part will consider Yhorm the giant as Dark Souls 3"s easiest or hardest boss. This boss has the largest wellness pool and some that the deadliest strikes out the the main game, yet he has a massive weakness come a certain attack.

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similar to the Storm King ceo in Demon"s Souls, the method players take with this fight will make that trivial or insanely difficult. Some consider exploiting Yhorm"s weakness cheating or unfun, which is what provides this boss one of Dark Souls 3"s strangest fights. Regardless of stance, there are plenty of advice that deserve to be provided to make this large Lord of Cinder a much much easier fight. Below are 10 advice to do the fight against Yhorm the Giant much easier in Dark Souls 3.

because that players wonder why Yhorm has actually the largest wellness pool in Dark Souls 3, it"s due to the fact that the ceo was balanced roughly players defeating him with a specific weapon.

the weapon would certainly be Storm Ruler, a blade that deserve to be found on Yhorm"s throne in ~ the start of the fight. Make certain to grab it and also equip that as soon as possible. Once equipped, host down the block switch to begin charging a heavy wind slash. The sword will glow when ready. A heavy assault will climate unleash a gust the wind of Yhorn, taking out a substantial chunk of his health. Repeat until he"s dead.

because the Storm Ruler"s fee heavy attack is what deals so much damage to Yhorm, the is ideal to fee the knife as shortly as feasible and wait because that an opening to strike. Charging the sword takes a couple of seconds while the block button is held.

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when Storm ruler is charged, the will continue to be charged till the player either uses the heavy attack or dies. Take advantage of this once there"s time to fee the sword, yet not sufficient to retaliate.

Dark Souls 3 Lightning Arrow
as for players figured out to defeat Yhorm without utilizing Storm Ruler, castle should understand that Yhorm is weak to lightning compared to all other elements.

regardless of his huge health pool, he deserve to be taken down easily with a lightning infused Greatsword or any form of weapon with an excellent scaling. Gold pine tree Resin is also an excellent against Yhorm for players that execute not great to infuse their weapons through a specific element.

Siegward the Catarina has a an extensive questline the players can embark on during the start of a Dark Souls 3 playthrough. Together players finish it, they will certainly eventually discover Siegward locked in a cell inside of the Irithyll Dungeon.

Players deserve to reach his cell from the Profaned Capital and also release Siegward, enabling him to appear during the Yhorm fight with after a specific cutscene plays. Siegward deserve to take massive quantities of punishment from Yhorm if the player can emphasis on defeating the gigantic using Storm ruler or ranged attacks.

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If football player missed out on Siegward"s questline, they can also choose to summon various other players to assist defeat Yhorm. Right before entering the hall to Yhorm"s chambers, players should come to be Embered and see if any type of players have left your summon sign on the ground.

The only NPC easily accessible to help versus Yhorm is Siegward ~ the questline, although that isn"t summoned but appears through a cutscene instead. As lengthy as there are multiple world in the arena, Yhorm is much much easier to regulate and permits for the Storm leader wielder to conveniently down the boss.

reaching Yhorm"s area involves fighting lot of gargoyles and jailer handmaidens. Rather of fighting every opponent prior to entering the arena, players have the right to instead sprint and also dodge past the opponents and also make their method into the arena if reducing the threat of acquisition damage.

The gargoyles have actually easy strikes to dodge and the handmaidens room slow sufficient for the player come outrun.