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On this page of our Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough, girlfriend will uncover all the indications to acquire the Purple Coins that the Sand Kingdom. This collectibles will assist you to buy unique things in the Crazy lid Shop that the Sand Kingdom.

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Location that the Sand Kingdom purple Coins:

Map of the Sand Kingdom purple Coins

Video that the Sand Kingdom purple Coins:

Location that the Area n°01 purple Coins:

As quickly as you come in the Sand Kingdom, walk forward, and also climb ~ above the small sand steep to discover two purple Coins (picture1).


Location that the Area n°02 purple Coins:

Continue to progression by jumping on the sunshade situated to the left of the enntrance gate of the city. Friend will uncover three brand-new Purple Coins over there (picture2).


Just after getting the coins on the sunshade, run on the roof that the nearby building to find six purple Coins (picture3).


Location the the Area n°04 purple Coins:

Then, throw Cappy at the Spark Pylon, and go to the appropriate to reach an area wherein there space three much more Purple Coins (picture4).

Location that the Area n°05 purple Coins:

These three Purple Coins space at the ago of the building that is situated to the appropriate of the city (picture5).

Location the the Area n°06 violet Coins:

Go come the fountain situated in the centre of the city to find four new Purple Coins (picture6).

Location the the Area n°07 violet Coins:

Then walk to the earlier of the yellow and blue dome to gain three an ext Purple Coins (picture7).

Climb on the roof of the residence located in ~ the optimal right of the city. There you will uncover a mini-rocket (picture8). Throw Cappy in ~ the rocket to reach a an enig zone. In this room, you’ll have 5 Purple Coins to take. The very first one will be to the right of a house-shaped communication (picture9). The three various other Purple Coins will certainly be on the actions of a house, in the last ar of this an enig area (picture10).

Location of the Area n°09 violet Coins:

Move to the back of the central tower of the Sand Kingdom. Over the Sphynx, you will see 3 Purple Coins friend will have to record using the wall-jump (picture11).

Location the the Area n°10 purple Coins:

Go inside the Warp Pipe located at the foot that the tower. In this 2d section, drop right into the small hole top top the soil floor, and go to the ideal to reach 4 Purple Coins (picture12).

Location the the Area n°11 violet Coins:

To the south of the central tower of the Sand Kingdom, over there is a Warp Pipe. Go inside to find several bill Blasters. Walk all the method to the left the the area come quickly uncover the 3 Purple Coins you require (picture13).

Location that the Area n°12 violet Coins:

Go come the entrance of the area, whereby there are several Mini Goombas. Go to the left, and you will see a ledge ~ above which friend can find three additional Purple Coins (picture14).

Drop right into the quicksands to the best of the Area n°11. Top top the other side of the hole, you will uncover a mystery area (picture15). As shortly as girlfriend arrive, walk north to find two violet Coins in ~ the finish of a ice “bridge” (picture16). The next two coins space on the ideal of the second Hat Trampoline that this area (picture17).

Location of the Area n°14 purple Coins:

Go back to the Odyssey and also head phibìc to with the enntrance gate of the town. On her right, friend will watch a Jaxi close to a bench (picture18). Speak to him, and also give the 30 yellow Coins to ride him. You will then need to go to the centre-east of the map. Four Purple Coins space waiting for you ~ above a poison swamp (picture19).

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Location that the Area n°15 purple Coins:

While you’re still on the back of the Jaxi, go inside the structure located in the center of the toxicity swamp, where you discovered the Area n°14 purple Coins (picture20). Inside, girlfriend will find eight more Coins (pictures21to23).