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Product name:Dragon sphere Supreme Warrior Awakened super Saiyan son ogong T-Shirt

Handmade to perfection.92% premium polyester and 8% spandex.Resistant come wrinkles, shrinking, abrasion & mildew.Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.High-definition sublimation printing technique.Sizes room in US sizing.Our apparels space all Hand-Made. Hence, please permit a 5% tolerance in state of shade brightness (on-off screen) and also sewing alignment.This item is NOT available in other storesFREE SHIPPING ~ above orders end $50

Note: All assets ordered from us deserve to be cancelled and size readjusted within 24 hours complimentary of charge, however orders cancelled or size changed after 24 hours are subject to a handling fee equalling 20% the the article price. We thank you in breakthrough for her understanding.



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Important noteSince her order is practice printed simply for you, us aren’t responsible for refunds or exchanges because of incorrect to the right issues. Buyers assume all dangers when picking the style and fit of your purchase. To better help girlfriend in selecting the best size, we made a size chart in every product page.Order modifications or CancellationAfter your order has actually been placed, you have actually 24 hours to call and inquiry order changes or a cancellation. After 24 hours, your order has currently been placed in production and can no longer be modified.Damaged/Incorrect OrderAt, we space doing our ideal to for sure product quality and also order accuracy. However, it may happen that you obtain a damaged item, poor-quality printing or incorrect product. Thankfully it is rather unusual! But, if that is the case, us guarantee a 100% satisfaction to every one of our customers by giving a complimentary replacement stimulate or a refund top top the influenced items.All we require is your order number and a clear picture showing one of two people the not correct item, the negative quality the the print or the damaged area the the item. Please contact us by email atand among our helpful support staff will organize a reprint or a refund for you!Order not receivedIf her item has actually not arrived within 60 work after having actually ordered, contact one of our heroes through ourContact Uspage because that a free replacement stimulate or a full refund of your purchase. (Please keep in mind this plan excludes errors made by customers when giving incorrect shipping details on their order(s) and/or missed parcel deliveries, stolen packages.)Returns&RefundIn many cases, us will replace defective item or an not correct order just byreceiving a picture showing the specific problem with the product and also by including the bespeak number.To return her items, friend shouldcontactPlease keep in mind that you will certainly take duty for payment the shipping costs to return.Items in used problem are no eligible for refunds or exchanges.New and also unused items that have been properly received through customers in ~ 30 days space eligible because that returns or exchanges. As soon as 30 days have actually elapsed native the receipt of goods, refunds and also exchanges will certainly no longer be accepted.

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**Please make certain that:The product was purchased in the critical 30daysThe product is unwashed, unworn and also unusedThe product itself or the print is defective OR the final product is different than the one friend ordered.