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Chudelkin was just sitting in his room watching Quinella and Eugeo obtaining it on native his crystal sphere all this time? What is the deal with SAO and also creepy perverted villains?

Japanese original Episode Title: シンセサイズ


Alice wakes up to discover herself treated and carefully carried to the 95th floor. Kirito initiates a sequence of spells to track under the Blue increased Sword which leader them come the frozen bath room of the 90th floor yet Eugeo is i do not have anything to be seen. Alice starts come cry as soon as she find Bercouli petrified, yet he momentarily wakes up and lets castle know around what Chudelkin did to him and that Eugeo is now in the hand of the Administrator. Both Alice and also Kirito move to the floors above where they acquire into the forbidden room of the Senators the the Church, just to uncover out several human beings trapped in pods and fed through tubes that space treated as surveillance devices to monitor down human being that go against the Taboo Index. Disgusted by the Pontifex’s manipulation, they relocate on to Chudelkin’s room whereby he starts informing things about Alice’s previous making her assault him however he manages come escape. They chase him as much as the 99th floor and also to their surprised they view Eugeo synthesis Thirty 2 descending native a hole in the ceiling bring about the 100th floor.

Episode Highlights

Alice could have OCD: I don’t recognize if the opening scene was some lewd fan organization or just Alice showcasing she OCD tendencies once more. In a vault episode, she provides a handkerchief come Kirito and also commands him to clean it before returning it come her and also now she feel super disgusted as soon as she finds out her clothes drenched in his sweat. She is absolutely a bit OCD and this is making me love her also more. I am not going to expropriate her being embarrassed about it. She is just a lovable practiced freak.

The Senators and also Chudelkin: So Quinella basically simply gathered a many of an effective Sacred arts users and made castle act choose surveillance cameras? Seeing how she learned to password in English so quick that she self-proclaimed herself together the Goddess that this world, you would certainly think that she could have make a device about the or something, yet no, person experimentation and also slavery work better for an ultimate villain choose her. Also, why go she make them all look the same? five boy, this is beginning to feel very familiar… Also, have the right to we every agree the Chuldekin looks like a perv and is at sight annoying? nobody cares about you and also what you do with your decision ball, okay? and no one cares the you are aroused by seeing a young girl’s crying face. Gain OUT the HERE.

Eugeo has actually been synthesized: More favor ‘Eugeo has actually just scored because that the first time in his life’ yet whatever. Therefore he has been required synthesized as well, prefer Alice, and is currently the can be fried and much more badass integrity Knight the we have seen. Utilizing all these amazing abilities and wearing a super cool armor, he is ready to hit his master! will certainly Kirito lastly start showcasing his true an abilities or he will be afraid of hurting his student and best bro?

Themes & Trivia

Chudelkin talks differently that the others: Fun fact, Chudelkin describes himself using the feminine personal pronoun atashi (アタシ), which is rarely used in created language, yet common in conversation, especially amongst younger women.


If Bercouli knew about all this and also was trying come break cost-free of the Seal of the right Eye, for 300 years, why no he phone call the rest of the integrity Knights around it? I mean if he short the willpower to execute it yet was certain that something to be wrong about the Administrator and also the Axiom Church he might have do the various other ones give it a shot. Yet I know why. The didn’t carry out it since he most likely liked to chill in this onsen all day while maintain cute young girl into ending up being Knights. Ns mean, who needs justice, freedom and slaying dragons as soon as you have ALL THAT?

Before that young is deceived by the labyrinth of his memories.

So the epic fight between Kirito and also Eugeo is finally here and also we will probably acquire two or even three episodes around the totality thing. Gain ready for epic activity scenes, drama, and also some extreme bromance between those two, since we will certainly surely obtain to experience good amounts of it in the next episodes!

NEXT TIME: The 32nd Knight

Sword arts Online: Alicization

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