blank = cv2.line(blank,focus1,focus2,(255,0,0),5) I understand this is miscellaneous to execute with a mismatch of varieties with the underlying library. Yet what need to I be utilizing exactly? I" tried through focus1 and also focus2 gift both lists (defined through square-brackets) and tuples (defined with just commas). Both it seems to be ~ to trigger the exact same error.

I" in Python 2.7 and

Update: for anyone else struggling through this. I was mystified because I to be generating the points as tuples (and so assumed this wasn" the problem). But I uncovered somewhere rather in my code which was handling them and transforming them earlier into list on the method to the draw function.

Something come watch the end for if you hit this problem.

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try with tuples :

focus1=0,20 # works even w/o braces !focus2=(80,20)cv2.line(ocv,focus1,focus2,(255,0,0),5)


also you re welcome note, the the 2.4 variation does not return a new image, check out docs

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# works even w/o braces ! is among the key things why Python scares the hell out of me :D


^^ hell, yea..


That" funny. If I placed it your example straight it works fine. In mine code, i AM generating mine two emphasis points as tuples, yet they should be obtaining converted to a perform somewhere follow me the line. Thanks.


Yes. That" what to be happening. Ns was generating the points as tuples however processing them in another role that turn them back into lists follow me the way. Cheers.

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interstar, oh, i m really sorry forgot to make that much more clear: having a list there cause the getargs error.

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